GD&T Advisor 2.1


 GD&T Advisor 2.1 Has Arrived! Sigmetrix’ commitment to quality and ease-of-use continues with the release of GD&T Advisor 2.1.  The newest version of this state-of-the art solution now provides users with even greater capabilities in both its ASME and ISO versions.

What’s New?

German Language Support – GD&T Advisor is now available in German, in addition to English. All of the application’s user interface as well as the embedded help content can be seen in GermanGD&T Advisor translated into German
Improved Pattern Support – Version 2.1 provides improved pattern support. In addition, pattern members can be designated as datum features.
Support for MIN and MAX Tolerances – Users can now specify a tolerance of minimum or maximum for certain dimensions when using the ASME version
Automatic Datum Target Annotation Creation –  When using the Creo 2.0 version, datum target annotations are now automatically created

gdta 2.1 datum target annotation
Surface Annotations – GD&T Advisor now supports applying a separate annotation to the surface
for features of size
Enhanced Application Options –  The application options file allows users to control various optional settings for the application, resulting in more accurate definition
GDTA 2.1 Improved Datum