CETOL 6σ Training – Self-Paced

CETOL 6σ Self-Paced Training is a program designed to teach the Basic CETOL 6σ Training on an individual’s schedule – via self study / self paced program.

CETOL 6σ Training Timeline:

  • Sigmetrix ships the CETOL 6σ Self-Paced Basic Training manual directly to the student.
  • Student download the  necessary CAD files from the Sigmetrix Support Center and then work through the training materials at their own pace.
  • The materials take approximately 20-24 hours to complete.
  • Student has 8 weeks to complete the course successfully.
  • During the training process,  students receive remote lectures and modeling support from Sigmetrix engineers to reinforce concepts and answer questions via web seminars.
  • Up to Four, web-conference sessions are included with self paced study program.  Sessions cover the training materials, homework review, and review of modeling performed on customer assembly.
  • At the conclusion of the training, students should have completed their first analysis using CETOL 6σ.




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