Tolerance Analysis Consulting Options & Modeling Guides

Select an area of interest for your Tolerance Analysis Consulting needs:

Single Tolerance Analysis consulting by sigmetrix

Recommended for specific problem(s) on a specific assembly. Used to solve current product problems, validate design feasibility, and determine manufacturability prior to expensive pre-production requirements.

Long term tolerance analysis consulting & support  by sigmetrix

Tolerance Analysis Consulting for long term needs. Recommended for rapid-change environments and development of customer analysis.

Core modeling for Tolerance Analysis consulting & training by sigmetrix

Tolerance Analysis quick start guide for core modeling. Recommended for existing CETOL 6σ customers wishing to expedite tolerance analysis.

Model validation within Tolerance Analysis consulting by sigmetrix

Tolerance Analysis Consulting for model validation. Recommended for new and current users to ensure accuracy and best practices.

Sigmetrix uses practical modeling guides for Tolerance Analysis consulting

Tolerance Analysis online modeling guides also called “cookbooks”. Recommended for knowledge transfer and repeat studies.

Product confirmation

Recommended for troubleshooting current production issues or validating design quality as product transitions into manufacturing and assembly.


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