WEBINAR: April 2, 2020 @ 11:00 am CDT

WEBINAR: Complete the Digitally-Connected Enterprise Puzzle with Quality and Inspection Data

A “connected enterprise” can take on many forms, some of which depends on the level of model-based enterprise (MBE) maturity. A “digitally-connected enterprise” is one that relies on the careful storage and usage of strategic information that can be widely accessed, readily augmented, and efficiently utilized during the various stages of a product’s lifecycle. In this digital age, it is important not only to record information, but also to ensure the information can be reused throughout the life of a product.

With the evolution of the digital enterprise, it is becoming more common to run simulations on data before an actual product or prototype is produced. One of the main benefits of such simulations is to make reliable performance predictions from a model or part before production or even the creation of prototypes. It is important to note that the entire concept of a digitally connected enterprise hinges on the validity and extensiveness of information used. Ideally a digitally-connected enterprise captures data from the entire lifecycle of a product, from design, to manufacturing, to quality and inspection, and back to design so changes can be made.

This webinar will discuss the effective use of information inside of a digital enterprise as it relates to inspection and simulation information. Topics discussed will include today’s methods for recording inspection data, the usefulness of today’s data in a connected enterprise, product-level simulations as it relates to performance, and how data, when not gathered correctly, can be a limiting factor across the enterprise.