Ed Walsh, Sigmetrix VP Global Sales on MCAD Cafe

MCAD Cafe interviews Mr. Walsh as he explains Sigmetrix’ goal of helping customers design and build better products through mechanical variation management.

He explains how over the years customers have been telling us that they want to maximize the value in their technology investments while making the most efficient use of their resources. We’ve determined a number of ways in which we can meet these needs:

  • Solutions that can scale to multiple skill levels of users in the organization
  • Solutions that add value at multiple stages in the development process
  • Solutions that provide decision making ability to multiple tiers of accountability in the organization
  • Solutions that transfer domain knowledge around those technology solutions with an easy/affordable mechanism
  • Solutions that build skill sets to master the technology and an easy/affordable mechanism to deliver them
  • Roadmaps that show customers how to best implement the solutions for their given industry and company culture