Digital Twin Summit


May 12th, 2021

Get Your Digital Twin Roadmap

The Digital Twin Summit is a unique opportunity to tap into the expertise of industry leaders on topics ranging from data analytics, modeling and simulation, and artificial intelligence/machine learning to strategy development, cybersecurity, and defining your ROI. Presented by the industry’s best and brightest, the agenda is designed to be relevant to both new industry professionals and those experienced with digital twins.

With leading-edge case studies, technology innovations, process improvements, design advancements, and practical applications, Digital Twin Summit’s two-day program provides the information you need to successfully adopt and implement digital twin solutions.

This event provides an interactive virtual space for attendees to:

  • Connect with digital twin experts and influencers—join like-minded individuals who are ready to share their digital twin journey.
  • Acquire new perspectives and ideas—define strategic enterprise goals for implementing digital twin and gain valuable insights applicable to your situation.
  • Learn in a digital environment—acquire insider knowledge on digital trends, new technologies, and innovations—virtually, on a proven industry-leading event platform.
  • Invest in professional development and build networks—invest in yourself as you discover new avenues to drive effective digital operations.
  • Attain a deeper understanding of the latest tools and processes—find yourself at the forefront of building data-driven operations and learn how to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


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