We had a great time at AU2017

Hopefully you had a great time too!

We proudly donned our ‘AU Newbie’ ribbons as we extended our portfolio to provide solutions to Inventor users. Though we’ve been creating CAD-integrated tolerance analysis software solutions for over 25 years this was our first opportunity to offer our brand new add-in for Inventor at Autodesk University.

From the opening reception with the awesome donut bar, to the therapy dogs, the amazing keynotes, and the vast exhibition hall it was an outstanding event!


Did you see EZtol for Autodesk Inventor in action?

EZtol for Autodesk Inventor is an add-in for Inventor 2018 that has been designed to make it easier to create, manage and report upon multiple 1D tolerance analyses in an assembly.  It can utilize tolerance information (i.e. PMI) from the dimensions in the part files and also includes auto-part-loop generation; EZtol will create the loops based on assembly constraints or joints, the user will simply select the loop and the analysis will be calculated! With the utilization of PMI and assembly constraint and joint information it has some of the most powerful automation capabilities of any product in the Sigmetrix portfolio.

Don’t forget, if you purchase an annual subscription of EZtol by 12.31.17 and enter promo code AU2017 you’ll save $100!

Go to eztol.com to purchase today.


GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, and MBD/MBE Training Classes

Sigmetrix is pleased to offer new and expanded courses to confidently solve your day-to-day dimensioning and tolerancing problems.

Our training is based on years of industrial experience coupled with strong understanding of GD&T, engineering standards, tolerance analysis, and dimensional management.  The courses are thorough, enjoyable, technically accurate, and useful; balancing technical rigor with easy-to-understand presentation.

See all of our class options at sigmetrix.com/services




See you next year!