Sigmetrix Enables Haldex to Drive Reliable and Innovative Brake and Air Suspension Solutions

Leader in brake and air suspension systems focus on safety, efficiency and uptime with CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis solution

MCKINNEY, Texas – March 7, 2017 – Sigmetrix, global experts in GD&T and mechanical variation, was selected by Haldex for their tolerance analysis solution. Haldex develops and provides reliable and innovative solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability in the global commercial vehicle industry. They are the world-leading supplier of brake adjusters for drum brakes and have the fastest growing market share for air disc brakes.

Haldex is a Sweden-based company that operates sales, R&D and manufacturing in 18 countries worldwide. Employees are encouraged to challenge conventional thinking every day to ensure that the products they deliver focus on safety, efficiency and uptime.  They have unrivaled expertise when it comes to brake and air suspension systems for heavy vehicles. The Foundation Brake product line includes brake products for wheel ends such as disc brakes, brake adjusters and actuators. Air Controls comprises products that improve the safety and driving dynamics of the brake system, such as compressed air dryers, valves, ABS and EBS. The products are usually available in a range of versions for different geographic markets.

“Haldex has been developing technically advanced products for more than 100 years. All of the major truck and trailer manufacturers in North America and Europe are Haldex customers, which is one of our foremost strengths. We are market leaders in several product categories, including brake adjusters for drum brakes. And, we are rapidly winning market share in other emerging areas, such as our disc brakes, which are recognized for their innovative design,” remarked Charlotte Wall, VP Research & Development, Foundation Brake Europe. “To be able to continue as a global leader we need to continuously push design and innovation without forsaking quality or time to market. We look forward to working with Sigmetrix and ARIADNE Engineering AB as we implement the use of CETOL 6σ and initiate the enhancements to our R&D and quality production programs.”

CETOL 6σ provides product development teams evaluations of assembly variation early in the product development life cycle. The ability to see the impact changes can have on the overall assembly improves the viable product assembly designs and shortens development time. Precise calculation of surface sensitivities exposes the critical-to-quality dimensions in the assembly and accelerates optimization to achieve robust designs ready for manufacturing.

“CETOL 6σ is the prevailing solution for 3D tolerance analysis in the automotive and heavy industry,” stated Sigmetrix President and CEO, Chris Wilkes. “We know how seriously Haldex takes the responsibility of developing reliable and innovative products and we know CETOL will be a great addition to their R&D and quality production programs. ARIADNE Engineering AB is a great partner of Sigmetrix, and together we can assist with the integration of a complete tolerance analysis solution into the Haldex workflow.”

“CETOL 6σ is very unique and innovative software that gives the engineers important feedback on how well their product is designed for assembly, and allows them to analyze its robustness and shows them how they can optimize the design,” stated Miroslaw Chamera, Managing Director and owner of ARIADNE Engineering.  “Haldex is a perfect example of how CETOL 6σ can improve a communication between departments. It’s a common language for different groups such as design, manufacturing, quality and inspection. It will enable them to build quality into their products DNA right from the start, and they will be able to create better and more robust products. And, ARIADNE will be able to support Haldex with our expertise and by delivering certified training, support and services to ensure they see a fast return on investment. ”

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About Sigmetrix
Sigmetrix is a global provider of comprehensive, easy-to-use software solutions that help users achieve robust designs through tolerance analysis and the correct application of GD&T. With over 20 years of research and development, Sigmetrix products eliminate the error between as-designed assemblies and as-produced products. For more information, visit their website at

About ARIADNE Engineering AB
ARIADNE Engineering AB is a provider of leading engineering CAD/CAE software, training and PLM-solutions to Scandinavian companies. Through its products and services, ARIADNE delivers added value to its customers and helps them to create better and innovative products more effectively. ARIADNE has operated in the Scandinavian market for20 years and has worked with Sigmetrix for 10 years.  Its brand is well recognized within the field of mechanical engineering.  For more information, visit their website at

About Haldex
With more than 100 years of intensely focused innovation, Haldex holds unrivaled expertise in brake systems and air suspension systems for heavy trucks, trailers and buses. We live and breathe our business delivering robust, technically superior solutions born from deep insight into our customers’ reality. By concentrating on our core competencies and following our strengths and passions, we combine both the operating speed and flexibility required by the market. Collaborative innovation is not only the essence of our products – it is also our philosophy. Our 2,100 employees, spread on four continents, are constantly challenging the conventional and strive to ensure that the products we deliver create unique value for our customers and all end-users. We are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange and have net sales of approximately 4.8 billion SEK.