Sigmetrix Announces Liveworx 19 Showcase Sponsorship

Sigmetrix to unveil new 1D tolerance analysis tool at PTC’s premier technology event

MCKINNEY, Texas – June 4, 2019 – Sigmetrix, a PTC Partner since 1999, announced they will be a Showcase Sponsor of PTC’s LiveWorx® digital transformation event taking place at the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center June 10 – 13, 2019. The Sigmetrix team will be exhibiting in the Xtropolis at booth 844 and offering demonstrations of their tolerance analysis and GD&T authoring solutions for PTC’s Creo® solution.

Sigmetrix will be unveiling their newest application within the Creo solution, Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis Extension. This innovative 1D analysis tool enables designers and engineers to quickly define multiple 1D tolerance stackups in PTC Creo as they are working on their design details to help ensure the appropriate tolerances are defined on their parts.

“Partnering with Sigmetrix enables us to deliver one of the best, most advanced 1D tolerance analysis solutions on the market to our customers as an embedded application within Creo. This collaboration will allow us to offer a significantly improved experience in analyzing one dimensional tolerances to produce functionally-effective designs,” said Brian Thompson, senior vice president, CAD segment, PTC.

Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis Extension has been designed to make it easier to create, manage and report upon multiple 1D tolerance analyses in an assembly.  This new module will be available in a future maintenance release of Creo 4.0 and Creo 6.0.  Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis Extension will enable users to:

  • Build the analysis directly within the PTC Creo design model:
    • Automatically use, and link to, existing tolerance information that may exist in the part files, ensuring that changes made within Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis Extension automatically update the source data.
    • Make manual loop definition extremely simple through the combined usage of temporarily hiding parts and make others transparent to help understand the context of the selection.
  • Automatically calculate the worst-case, RSS, and statistical results of the analysis. Metrics for statistical results can be reported as: Cpk, Sigma, DPMO, or % Yield.
  • List contributors to variation sorted from largest to smallest.
  • Define multiple tolerance stackup analyses on the same model.
  • Obtain a summary table showing the objectives and results of each stackup analysis along with a visual indication of whether the requirement has been met.
  • Link to tolerances, both on linear dimensions and geometric (i.e. GD&T & GPS), so that changes update both the design and analysis data.
  • Generate a detailed report with graphical view of the dimension loop over the models involved and a graphical presentation of results and the top contributors.
  • Provide an indication that the tolerance stackup may not be 1D in nature including a note that the results provided may underestimate the actual variation that will occur during production.

Sigmetrix is recognized globally for providing tolerance analysis software and GD&T software solutions. Their software solutions are used by systems, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers worldwide to verify functionality and optimize designs. They also offer comprehensive GD&T, tolerance analysis, Model-Based Definition, and Model-Based Enterprise training worldwide. Their trainers consult with clients worldwide to use GD&T and tolerance analysis effectively, define their products and processes optimally, and help them implement 3D model-based definition in a model-based enterprise.

“We are excited to continue our technology sharing collaboration with PTC by embedding our EZtol technology into PTC Creo to augment its MBD capabilities,” commented James Stoddard, President of Sigmetrix. “Getting the correct tolerances, whether expressed as GD&T or +/- tolerances, requires a tolerance stackup analysis to see how those tolerances impact the assembly requirements. Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis Extension can easily bridge the gap between manual tolerance stackups and an advanced tool like CETOL 6σ.”

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About Sigmetrix
Sigmetrix is a global provider of comprehensive, easy-to-use software solutions that help users achieve robust designs through tolerance analysis and the correct application of GD&T. With over 25 years of research and development, Sigmetrix products eliminate the error between as-designed assemblies and as-produced products. For more information, visit their website at

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