Sigmetrix’ CETOL 6σ and GD&T Advisor Selected by Precision Machining Manufacturer INTAI Technology

Fully integrated 3-D tolerance analysis software was favored to enhance tolerance control for better quality products for precision machining manufacturer

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– February 23, 2016 – INTAI Corporation, founded in 1988, started its business as a precision machining manufacturer in central Taiwan.  With over 600 employees, INTAI offers a wide range of products serving industries such as automotive, aerospace, precision hardware, medical devices and telecommunication. With this broad-based expertise, vertical integration of the supply chain and project management orientation, INTAI is rooted in a culture of continuous improvement, resulting in the necessity of quality control.

“Producing particularly specialized products like medical instruments, a professional and reliable tool for tolerance analysis is very important.” stated Mr. Hsu, the section chief of INTAI’s medical device development department.  “Compared to manual analyses using EXCEL spreadsheets to calculate tolerance analysis, CETOL 6 Sigma not only helps us to analyze a more complex design, but also provides reliable reports to help us assure our customers.”

Before implementing CETOL 6 Sigma into their workflow, INTAI used EXCEL spreadsheets for tolerance analysis, which was time-consuming, produced only a 1D analysis, and couldn’t guarantee accuracy.  With CETOL 6 Sigma tolerance analysis software they can easily consider precision machining design alternatives and produce a more robust product.

CETOL 6 Sigma is the world’s most powerful tolerance analysis software and was specifically developed to promote manufacturing efficiency and productivity. This precise, easy-to-use assembly design optimization and functional analysis software solution is used by engineers and precision machining manufacturers worldwide. The cutting-edge technology enables product development teams to optimize their design and manufacturing goals so they can deliver higher quality and more precisely engineered products.

INTAI also implemented GD&T Advisor, another software developed by Sigmetrix, to provide expert guidance on the correct application of GD&T. The software will ensure standards compliance so they can qualify for an ASME certification. Mr. Hsu commented, “Our business model is transforming from ODM to OBM and quality is the key factor to our success.  We expect GD&T Advisor to help us communicate in a standardized way with our customers and enable us to qualify for the certifications needed to meet the global standard.”

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Sigmetrix is a global provider of comprehensive, easy-to-use software solutions that help users achieve robust designs through tolerance analysis and the correct application of GD&T. With over 20 years of research and development, Sigmetrix products eliminate the error between as-designed assemblies and as-produced products. For more information, visit their website at

About INTAI Technology Corp.
INTAI Technology Corp. was founded in 1988 as a precision machining manufacturer.  At the time, INTAI started its business with a handful of machines and a limited customer base.  Today, headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, with over 600 employees, INTAI offers a wide range of products serving industries such as automotive, aerospace, precision hardware, medical devices and telecommunication.  For more information, please visit

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