Sigmetrix Leads Path Towards Model-Based Definition (MBD) Adoption

CETOL 6σ Helps Sigmetrix Leads Path Towards Model-Based Definition (MBD) AdoptionSigmetrix’ latest release of CETOL 6σ is just one more item in their arsenal of MBD tools

MCKINNEY, Texas – March 14, 2017 – Sigmetrix, global experts in GD&T and mechanical variation, announced today the availability of its latest version of CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software – version 9.1. This version has been updated to:

  • Support PTC Creo® software, including bidirectional connectivity to the new GD&T annotation created either natively or with the embedded GD&T Advisor utility in Creo – a Sigmetrix technology.
  • Support SOLIDWORKS 2017. As a Certified Gold Partner Product we have the highest level of integration including bidirectional connectivity to GD&T annotations created in SOLIDWORKS either as standard annotations or as DimExpert annotations.
  • Improved management of Assembly States. This allows the user to define studies with parts at several different positions within the assembly in one tolerance model definition.
  • Informational messages that automatically inform the user of when interference may occur between two features and when clearances between joining surfaces may not be considered appropriately.

CETOL 6σ Helps Sigmetrix Leads Path Towards Model-Based Definition (MBD) AdoptionSigmetrix provides the combination of the world’s most comprehensive 3D tolerance analysis software and industry-leading training options with the most popular CAD systems, including PTC Creo. This unprecedented combination offers users a robust solution that can’t be beat.  In addition to tolerance analysis software, Sigmetrix is also the creator of GD&T Advisor, a technology so powerful that PTC included it in Creo 4.0.

“Creo 4.0 enables designers to successfully implement MBD and increase efficiency in product development by reducing dependency on 2D drawings.  With the latest version of CETOL 6σ, engineers and designers can seamlessly transition between defining the [model] requirements in Creo [models] and understanding how such requirements impact important design characteristics, enabling them to avoid mistakes associated with manually transferring information back and forth between the two programs,” said Brian Thompson, Senior Vice President, CAD Segment, PTC.  “CETOL 6σ coupled with the improved application of GD&T to the CAD model in Creo 4.0 allows companies to move forward with their initiatives regarding model-based definition (MBD) and model-based environments (MBE). As experts in GD&T and tolerance analysis software, and a PTC partner for 27 years, Sigmetrix is a natural choice for users of PTC Creo.”

CETOL 6σ v9.1 places specific emphasis on ease-of-use for model creation, obtaining answers, validating results, and updating design requirements in the CAD models and drawings. It also provides expert insight through unique visualization capabilities. The results and reports provide the entire development team with a richer way to communicate and help bridge the gap between design, manufacturing and assembly departments.

“Sigmetrix provides the dominant solutions for GD&T and tolerance analysis in many industries. We have seen industries like automotive, aerospace, heavy industry, medical, defense, and electronics rapidly innovating their products and processes. In doing so they see the value of moving to an integrated GD&T and tolerance analysis solution,” said Chris Wilkes, Sigmetrix President and CEO.  “As long-standing partners with both PTC and Dassault Systèms our development team strives to provide a seamless working environment for our users.”

“In addition to being industry-leaders with our software solutions we are also quite proud that we have joined forces with Advanced Dimensional Management to offer an expanded selection of GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, and MBD / MBE training courses and workshops,” Wilkes continued. “This combination of training and software that automates mundane tasks is an incredible advantage for our customers.”

CETOL 6σ v9.1 is available immediately for current users at:

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