Sigmetrix Selected by SEA BOX for GD&T Training

Sigmetrix Makes Learning the Fundamentals and Application of GD&T Easy

MCKINNEY, Texas– September 1, 2020 – When SEA BOX, Inc. wanted to improve the understanding and skills of their engineering team on the topic of GD&T, they turned to Sigmetrix, a company that has been helping clients produce better products through mechanical variation management for over 20 years.

SEA BOX, Inc. specializes in the design, custom modification, and manufacturing of ISO shipping and storage containers, refrigerated containers, containerized shelters, modular building systems, and related parts and accessories for purchase or lease. Their team of approximately 250 professionals is split between engineering, quality control, management, fabrication, and production departments. Being able to communicate design intent between departments is critical.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is used on engineering drawings and 3D models to unambiguously communicate acceptable limits of geometric variation for a part to function in the product(s) where it is used. Properly using GD&T on 3D models and drawings can facilitate clear and explicit communication to correctly convey the requirements to the manufacturing and inspection teams. The GD&T Courses offered by Sigmetrix allow students to easily grasp the connections intended throughout the GD&T language.  Starting with the most basic concepts and rules, the classes work through the GD&T language and its application from a functional, user-friendly standpoint.  The content is arranged with a focus on maintaining the communication of functional intent captured in engineering documentation between Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Machinists, Quality Engineers, Inspectors, and Supply Chain personnel.

“We at SEA BOX recently had our engineering team go through the Comprehensive GD&T course and had a great experience. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic many of us were working remotely, and as such a traditional classroom setting was not feasible. Sigmetrix was extremely accommodating and hosted our courses in a live video conference format and made sure each of us had our course materials in a timely manner. The course was very well organized, and the instructor was excellent at communicating the details of GD&T at various levels of understanding. They were happy to take many questions and made themselves available before and after the daily course time (and even during their lunch break) to ensure that each of us felt comfortable and confident in the material covered,” reported Trevor Leeds, Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager at SEA BOX.

He continued, “Despite taking the course remotely it was very well planned in a manner that allowed myself and my colleagues to fully participate. The course materials are great resources and the instructor utilized very helpful and engaging props and examples to aid in communicating the complex concepts of GD&T. I strongly feel the structure of the course built a great foundation of essential concepts that made each section easily build on the last. My colleagues have shared, and I agree, that by the end of the course we all felt confident in our ability to read and interpret GD&T. We would certainly choose Sigmetrix again for GD&T training and consultation.”

Sigmetrix is dedicated to help everyone in the design, manufacturing, and inspection groups understand the language of GD&T, and its application, through their series of courses.

“Many organizations perceive standardizing on the language of GD&T isn’t worth the investment, but not using GD&T forces manufacturing and inspection personnel to guess far too often what the drawing  specifications mean. Hoping that downstream personnel guess correctly is not an acceptable business strategy,” said Stephen Werst, Director of Customer Success and Product Strategy at Sigmetrix. “We were pleased to be able to help the engineers at SEA BOX, Inc. improve their understanding of, and confidence working with, GD&T.”

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Sigmetrix has been helping companies produce better products for over 20 years through a combination of software solutions, training, and consulting services that focus on managing the impact of mechanical variation. For more information, visit their website at

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