Sigmetrix to Sponsor the 33rd International CAE Conference and Exhibition

Global experts in GD&T and Mechanical Variation to Sponsor Simulation Focused Engineering and Sciences Conference

MCKINNEY, Texas – October 12, 2017 – Sigmetrix announced today that it will sponsor and exhibit at the International CAE Conference in Vicenza, Italy on November 6th and 7th, 2017.  The Sigmetrix team is pleased to feature its latest GD&T and tolerance analysis software solutions and invites attendees to experience how Sigmetrix offerings augment and enhance simulation based engineering.

The International CAE Conference is the principal event in Simulation Based Engineering and Sciences (SBES). The 2017 edition will benefit attendees from academia, industry, research and software vendors. This two-day conference examines traditional methods and approaches in engineering; opening an engineering network source of new and adopted ideas. The event delivers a powerful platform to exchange exciting developments and achievements as well as opportunities to explore emerging technologies and techniques accelerating leading organizations.

“The International CAE Conference is an excellent opportunity for many industries tied to simulation based engineering,” said Chris Wilkes, President & CEO of Sigmetrix. “Many development teams know that simulation based engineering can save time and money. But there are so many more advantages that can be extracted from the International CAE Conference proceedings such as the ability to create “digital twins” of their products, allowing expanded understanding into performances and beneficial insight with respects to maintenance.”

Sigmetrix will be demonstrating many of their products at booth S17 located on the ground floor of the exhibition hall. Some of these solutions include:

  • CETOL 6σ, a fully-integrated 3D tolerance analysis solution that provides product development teams with the insight required to confidently release designs to manufacturing.
  • GD&T Advisor, an interactive software solution that greatly improves accuracy and productivity when applying GD&T, offering function‐oriented guidance, allowing the user to correctly apply GD&T in the 3D model environment.
  • EZtol, a 1-Dimensional tolerance stackup analysis program designed to assist in understanding the impact of the accumulation of part-level dimensional variation and part-to-part assembly variation sources and the impact that they have on assembly-level requirements.

Sigmetrix President and CEO, Chris Wilkes, will also be presenting “Using simulation and analysis tools to improve the bottom line” during the proceedings. He will be discussing how industry-leading companies facing increased competition, more complex designs, and shorter design cycles are finding that increased use of simulation software allows them to better achieve their product availability, quality, and profitability objectives.

“Simulation performs a central role in all aspects of the product lifecycle, from concept, through to engineering design and into its operations,” stated Stefano Odorizzi, CEO of EnginSoft. “We are pleased to have Sigmetrix as a sponsor, and industry visionary Chris Wilkes as a speaker again this year. We are looking forward to the presentation by Mr. Wilkes who will be sharing insight from a recent survey of design teams worldwide to see how they use various simulation tools to achieve their business objectives.”

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