Advanced GD&T Training

This accelerated course was developed to teach advanced GD&T training through concepts like composite tolerancing, tolerance analysis, datum selection, non-rigid part dimensioning, and many more key dimensioning topics. The course covers a variety of topics from advanced GD&T concepts to the system approach for part dimensioning.

What is an Advanced GD&T Training Schedule with Sigmetrix?

This is a 3-day class covering the complete advanced concepts of advanced GD&T. It includes numerous practice problems and in-depth coverage of GD&T modeling concepts. You will learn to solve real-world problems; understand datum selection, how to reduce product costs, profile tolerancing, form controls, positional tolerancing, and part calculations. CEUs will be awarded for successful completion of the course.

Advanced GD&T Training Topics include:

  • Functional dimensioning
  • Rigid / Flexible parts – specification and interpretation
  • Restraint notes on non-rigid parts – specification and interpretation
  • Restrained part datum system on non-rigid parts
  • Form control applications: seal, assembly, support, flatness
  • Datum system
  • Ten common datum feature types – specification and interpretation
  • Datum target applications
  • Special datum feature applications: screw threads, gears, splines temporary datum features
  • Tolerance of position: modifier usage, loss function curve types, and applications
  • Simultaneous and separate requirements for tolerance of position
  • Composite position tolerancing
  • Multiple single-segment position tolerancing
  • Tolerance of position applications with a conical tolerance zone
  • Profile controls, three profile myths
  • Simultaneous and separate requirements for profile
  • Composite profile tolerancing – specification and interpretation
  • Multiple single segment profile – specification and interpretation
  • Profile applications

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