CETOL 6σ Training – Customization

Sigmetrix also provides customized training to address specific areas of interest. The course content is modeled after a unique customer product line that is supplemented with additional content. This ensures technology adoption and learning curve acceleration on highly relevant problems. The overall result is achieving a return-on-investment in significantly less time. Some common customer requests are listed below.

  • Teach modeling technique for a defined set of assembly problems
    –Eg. Electrical Motor Requirements: axial end play, case-cover fit, rotor–stator clearance, etc.
  • Teach analysis interpretation and optimization to personnel responsible for downstream functions like product quality, manufacturing and assembly, supplier quality certification, and inspection
  • Teach CETOL analysis reuse, i.e. mapping, for similar products
  • “Teach CETOL analysis reuse, i.e. mapping, for similar products”
    – Eg. Customer makes seven different sizes of electrical motors but geometrically and technically the design is the same.  One CETOL “template” can be created to analyze all seven motors

As part of the process, a CETOL Modeling is developed for specific assembly analyses.

Sigmetrix is open to discuss the needs of your user base or project in order to define the most strategic training program. Please contact your Sigmetrix Business Development Manager to get started.

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