Sigmetrix AE Bootcamp

Please join us for a week of in depth training and coaching from our team.

Courtyard Prague City
Lucemburska Street 46, Prague
130 00 Czech Republic
+420 236 088 088

Information regarding our Group Rate can be found here. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Sessions will run Monday morning through Friday afternoon. More details regarding the sessions will be emailed over the next few weeks.

We will be providing our expert pre and post sales technical resources to lead the sessions to ensure you will be even more successful delivering demonstrations, and make sure that your team will be able to help our joint customers with quality engineering services and support.

The entire week will be filled with topics you have requested. Will will have sessions, demonstrations and round tables to discuss things like:

  • How to best demonstrate CETOL
    – how make it look easy
    – how to best highlight the new functionality
    – how to focus on design engineers
  • Custom CETOL Demos
    – what to highlight and emphasize
  • Discuss how to ensure CETOL customer evaluations go well, and you win the sale
  • New messaging and solutions approach of Sigmetrix
  • Objection handling and competition
  • How to demonstrate and position EZtol
  • How get you and your team prepared to provide CETOL training
  • How to sell our new computer-based training
  • MBD Training

We are still formalizing the agenda, so if you have a request add it to the comments field in the registration form!