EZtol Fundamentals Computer-Based Training Course

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EZtol Fundamentals Computer-Based Training Course

EZtol Fundamentals Computer-Based Training Course
EZtol Fundamentals Computer-Based Training Course

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EZtol Fundamentals Computer-Based Training Course

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EZtol Fundamentals Computer-Based Training Course

Version: 2.1

This course utilizes a combination of lecture videos, software demonstrations, detailed exercises, quizzes, and a written training manual to teach the fundamentals of EZtol. Upon completion of the course students will be able to analyze multiple 1D stackups on CATIA, NX, and SOLIDWORKS models and make design decisions to optimize the nominal designs and tolerance assignments. The coursework is broken into tasks which students complete at their own pace.

Topics include:  

  • Brief background reviews on tolerance analysis fundamentals, including a discussion in statistical analysis methods
  • An overview of the interface followed by more in-depth explanations and exercises on the tools provided to analyze your stackups
  • Detailed explanation, with examples, of the results and associated information provided
  • Reporting and data management

Learn the fundamentals of EZtol at your own pace. This computer-based course allows students to complete the same curriculum as our instructor-led course but at a schedule that can be balanced with other work demands. The course consists of

  • 7 units ranging from a brief over of worst-case and statistical analysis concepts, introduction to the software, to detailed explanations of functionality and workflows.
  • Two delivery options are available - browser-based portal when connected and mobile app for iOS and Android allowing users to save courses and take them offline.
  • Exercises with detailed instructions let the user apply the concepts just presented to “learn by doing.”
  • Quizzes at the end of modules allow students to ascertain their grasp of the concepts and revisit material when needed.
  • Training manual in ebook format

Target Audience 

Engineers and designers engaged in product design with CATIA, NX, or SOLIDWORKS and responsible for assigning tolerances to part dimensions/features.


3 ½ hours of lecture, 5 detailed exercises, and quizzes.


Required skills: 

  • Basic understanding of tolerance stackup analysis – this course offers a review but not in-depth training in the general subject of tolerance analysis
  • Creation of reference features such as planes, axes, and points when working with more complex geometry
  • Basic skills for direct and indirect selection of part features.


  • Access to the computer-based class is limited to 3 months.
  • Students will need to have access to the EZtol application to complete the exercises