The Journeyman’s Guide to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: GD&T for the New Millennium

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The Journeyman's Guide to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: GD&T for the New Millennium

The Journeyman's Guide to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: GD&T for the New Millennium
The Journeyman's Guide to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: GD&T for the New Millennium

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The Journeyman's Guide to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: GD&T for the New Millennium

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Bryan R. Fischer 2010

266 pages

Updated! This revision of the Journeyman's Guide to GD&T includes expanded coverage of many topics and technical enhancements throughout the text. The revision includes a detailed index, making this valuable reference tool even easier to use!

The Journeyman's Guide to GD&T is the essential reference for engineering, design, drafting, quality, inspection, manufacturing, procurement, assembly and service personnel and students. The material is developed carefully in a technically and mathematically precise manner, but presented in a way that makes this often tricky subject easy-to-understand. The Journeyman's Guide to GD&T is written from the point-of-view of the design engineer who must understand and apply GD&T specifications, but it is equally suited to other disciplines who must understand GD&T.

The Journeyman's Guide to GD&T is constructed to be an easy-to-use reference. The Journeyman's Guide to GD&T contains hundreds of illustrations. The GD&T reference material in the book is presented in full-page diagrams that clarify the meaning of each GD&T specification we call these our GD&T At-A-Glance Sheets. The topics in the Journeyman's Guide to GD&T are explained using GD&T At-A-Glance Sheets, which makes it very easy to understand the material, and very easy to find the needed information. The Journeyman's Guide to GD&T is intended to be an easy-to-use quick reference manual for GD&T. The Journeyman's Guide to GD&T includes a very detailed index (see below) and a very detailed table of contents.

The Journeyman's Guide to GD&T is a culmination of many years of experience in many industries. Applications and environments have ranged from ultra-small parts to very large; from private industry to government and DOD work; from mom and pop shops to multi-national corporations; from one-of-a-kind to mass-production, dealing with part quantities of up to 100 million parts per year; from environments where GD&T is welcomed and seen as a much needed tool, to environments where its value is questioned and it is viewed with suspicion and skepticism.

The Journeyman's Guide to GD&T starts with basic GD&T concepts, develops and presents them clearly, and explains how they work together to create the language and systems of GD&T. Datums and Datum Reference Frames are covered in-depth, followed by detailed treatment of each of the fourteen Geometric Tolerances. Nuances of syntax and context are also presented in detail. More advanced topics such as Composite Feature Control Frames, Simultaneous Requirements, Free State, Flexible and Restrained Parts and other topics are covered in detail. The material in the book is the basis for our GD&T training courses.

The material in the Journeyman's Guide to GD&T represents some of the latest thinking on GD&T, using up-to-date methods and ideas to explain the concepts. Much of the material is structured to address problems encountered as a direct result of the author's experience training and consulting with companies over the years. The focus of many of the figures and sections directly addresses the many misconceptions common in industry today. Indeed that is the goal of this text and our GD&T courses, to clearly explain the material and dispel misconceptions for those already "familiar" with GD&T.

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