Tolerance Analysis Consulting

Single Tolerance Analysis Solution

Have a live production problem receiving a lot of attention and need a tolerance analysis solution fast?

The combination of CETOL 6σ and 50+ years of tolerance analysis experience allow Sigmetrix to deliver results on complex analyses FAST.  Compared to traditional approaches, our engineering staff has been able to deliver MORE ACCURATE results in 60% less time. CETOL 6σ can model true assembly behavior on complex problems using customer 3D CAD models.

No need to simplify the analysis. Allow us to transform your teams product knowledge into a 3D, CETOL assembly variation model to understand what is driving variation throughout the assembly. Sigmetrix engineers interact with customer engineering to understand the problem, the functional assembly interfaces, and the assembly process.  This information is used to perform a comprehensive tolerance analysis using part dimensions, tolerances, and GD&T. Thorough reporting, analysis reviews, and knowledge transfer occurs to ensure your team understands what corrective action is needed.  

This Tolerance Analysis Consulting Solution is Recommended for:

Project teams needing to “plug-in” tolerance analysis expertise  to handle a high volume of analyses over an extended period of time.

How This Solution works:

  • Introductory call to quality analysis
  • Establish non-disclosure agreement and other terms and conditions
  • Review assembly and develop statement of work
  • Initiate analysis either virtually or on-site
  • Modeling reviews to validate assembly conditions and dimension schemes
  • Initial quality review  and  identification of design opportunities
  • Final quality with improvements implemented


Long-Term Tolerance Analysis Support

Need a tolerance analysis expert to join your team for Tolerance Analysis Support? 

CETOL 6σ Long-term Analysis Support goes beyond simply conducting assembly variation analyses.  Project support includes the necessary analysis “scoping” and project management support to meet all the objectives of a product’s performance.  A project manager is assigned to work with the customer to develop a comprehensive list of product requirements (DFMEA) and define the timeline, milestones, and completion dates.  Analysis resources are assigned at a capacity level that meets the needs of the project.  Weekly meetings are held to track progress and discuss additional needs.  The impact of design iterations  are updated on-the-spot.   At the completion of the project, a comprehensive set of tolerance analyses covering all mechanical fit and performance requirements is provided.  Long-term tolerance analysis support is generally used when scope of project is  greater than two weeks.

How Long Term Tolerance Analysis Support Works:

  • Introductory call to qualify long-term Tolerance Analysis Support demand
  • Establish non-disclosure agreement
  • ROM estimate developed based on review of project
  • Sigmetrix provides a statement of work (SOW)
  • Analysis work initiated on-site
  • Analyses competed based on priorities
  • On-site and Virtual options
  • Modeling reviews to validate analyses and make recommendations
  • Variation analyses delivered based on SOW