Core Modeling – CETOL 6σ

Core modeling is a service used to expedite analysis modeling for existing customers of CETOL 6 Sigma software. A Sigmetrix analyst meets with the customer to understand assembly failure modes, functional assembly features, and assembly process.  The analyst performs  the necessary CETOL 6σ core modeling to develop a working model for the customer. The modeling activities are captured in the “CETOL 6σ Modeler” portion of the diagram below.  The customer then utilizes the CETOL 6σ Analyzer to perform a number of important calculations including:

  • nominal design centering
  • tolerance adjustments
  • manufacturing variation (σ, Cp, Cpk)
  • dimension scheme alterations
  • non-conforming product

Core Modeling Training Recommended for:

Existing CETOL 6σ customers, time-sensitive projects, and analyses beyond current customer capabilities.