Model Validation

“Ready to report the results and make recommendations based on an analysis code but don’t have full confidence in your skill level?” 

Analysis codes give answers.  Some are right, some are close, and some may lead you down the wrong path.  While CETOL 6σ is a very structured, logical assembly variation analysis tool, new users may not have the confidence required to present findings and make recommendations.  With Sigmetrix Model Validation service, a certified Sigmetrix application engineer will do a full review of every aspect of the CETOL 6σ analysis model.  The review includes the following activities:

  • Validate the assembly measurement accurately reflects the product requirement
  • Ensure proper setting of degrees of freedom
  • Validate dimension schemes and tolerance settings correctly represent drawing intent
  • Validate sensitivity values for critical-to-quality part features
  • Make dimension scheme recommendations based on assembly functionality


How it works:

  • Introductory call to qualify need
  • Establish non-disclosure agreement
  • Review the assembly
  • Sigmetrix provides quotation
  • Review findings and suggested changes
  • Provide report of findings and CXM file if needed