Modeling Guides CETOL 6σ

Modeling guides are our way to assist companies with knowledge capture for CETOL 6σ Modeling and Analysis.  Analyses are detailed to a level that allows a newly trained user to replicate the analysis efficiently.

 Our modeling guides includes discussion and instructions for the following:

  • Analysis background and requirements
  • CETOL 6σ Measurement creation , property settings, and interpretation
  • CETOL 6σ Joint creation, assembly sequence,  and property settings
  • CETOL 6σ Configuration definition, creation, and settings for unique joints
  • CETOL 6σ dimension scheme definition and tolerance settings
  • CETOL 6σ Modeling Validation process
  • CETOL 6σ Analysis results and interpretation
  • CETOL 6σ Report Generation

Customers benefit from these modeling guides resources in two ways .  First, a full analysis is completed  on an assembly  with the results being used to improve the current design.  Secondly, future analyses can be conducted quickly, consistently, and confidently by internal users avoiding any future consulting costs. However, as companies needs change and grow, consultation and training are offered by Sigmetrix year round.

Recommended for:  Accounts with similar product families and distributed tolerance analysis responsibilities

How Modeling Guides Work:

  • Similar to a Single Tolerance Analysis project
  • Analysis reviewed with current design team, quality, and manufacturing
  • Defined Training  delivered to multiple users/multiple design teams
  • Deliverable is a reusable modeling and analysis guide

To request a Modeling Guide for your company please use the contact us form located on our website.