Drawing Compliance

The GD&T ASME and ISO standards were created to improve communication and eliminate or at least minimize ambiguity.  Due to the complexity of the subject however, applying GD&T to drawings or models can lead to miscommunication.  The Drawing Compliance service is a review process conducted by  Senior Level ASME Y14.5 Certified GD&T Specialists to ensure proper  application  of  GD&T syntax and rules.

Recommended for:  Use during  product design before tooling phase.  Can be used to benchmark current user understanding.  Also good for companies new to GD&T or where GD&T is not a formal part of the design process.  For best results, should be used in conjunction with Functional GD&T Assessment.

How it works:

  • Can be done virtually or on-site
  • Can be used as part of a more comprehensive dimensional management implementation
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement is established
  • Drawings are submitted for evaluation
  • Drawing are marked up
  • Summary document provided