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    Our comprehensive solutions are trusted by teams across the enterprise in a variety of industries to help identify mechanical variation faster, resulting in more efficient processes and more cost-effective products


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      Produce higher-quality, cost-effective products across the enterprise.

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      Solutions for manufacturers, engineers, and designers in a variety of industries.

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      Build better products and processes across the enterprise. 

      Robust solutions that streamline and enhance the mechanical variation management process.

      Our tolerance analysis and GD&T solutions  unite the ideal world of product design with the real world of manufacturing and assembly—where mechanical variation has a significant impact on product cost.



        Tolerance Analysis

        Predict, manage, and optimize mechanical variations.


        Understand permissible variation earlier in the design process.

        Model-Based Definition

        Optimize tolerances within 3D models.

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        We integrate directly with several major CAD platforms.

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        Tolerance analysis and GD&T solutions for a variety of industries worldwide.

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        Resources to help you better manage mechanical variation. 

        Case studies, whitepapers, webinars, and more resources backed by our tolerance analysis and GD&T experts.


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          Learn how you can produce better products, reduce development costs, and more.


          We publish frequently on mechanical variation management, GD&T best practices, and more.

          Capture, Transfer, and Retain Critical Product and Process Knowledge

          Use mechanical variation management software to capture, transfer and retain the product and process knowledge that makes your team efficient and profitable.

          Share Complex Institutional Knowledge and Gain Operational Efficiency

          Your team has years of experience in their areas of expertise and your organization’s processes. But as experienced personnel leave, critical knowledge leaves with them, reducing the strength of your team. Who can answer questions about why certain tolerances were used on specific parts? Who teaches new hires about GD&T, tolerance stack-up, and internal manufacturing and assembly processes?  

          Moreover, who manages the complex legacy spreadsheets your team has been using to determine tolerance values? 

          The truth is, your organization’s products and processes cannot compete in the market if you don’t have a fast and easy way to gather critical product data for decision-making, share knowledge of complex products across the team, and transfer knowledge between employees and teams.  

          The solution? GD&T and tolerance analysis software and training from Sigmetrix.  

          Who We Help

          • Enable design engineers to work closely with manufacturing and assembly to compare concepts earlier in the design and prototyping processes.
          • Bring the full team up to the same level of understanding by democratizing the depth and breadth of product and process knowledge you share.
          • Make all of your data and insights easily accessible across departments, eliminating the time-intensive and costly design loops that result in wasted time and resources.
          • Enable a consistent, shared “language” among all teams, which extends to reporting standards—finally, all teams can work towards the same data-driven metrics.

          How We Help

          • Lessen the impact of workforce attrition by sharing institutional knowledge in a common software, not a complex legacy spreadsheet or siloed digital environment.
          • Understand exactly why certain tolerances were used and avoid using products out of spec, a common misstep when teams lack understanding about historical product decisions.
          • Quickly and easily evaluate suppliers by comparing variation in acceptable tolerances—all in a shared environment that the full team can access.
          • Take advantage of comprehensive training in GD&T, tolerance analysis, MBD/MBE, and Sigmetrix software to ensure everyone is skilled in assessing complex design challenges and software implementation strategies.

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          Implement a Consistent Process for Managing Mechanical Variation

          Gain efficiencies, ease of communication, competitive knowledge, and operational efficiency with GD&T and tolerance analysis software that unites your siloed teams.  

          Understand your organization’s mechanical variation management maturity level and develop an improvement plan.

          With sophisticated tolerance analysis and GD&T software, use benchmark data to compare your company’s understanding of mechanical variation management and develop a comprehensive improvement plan. Make your manufacturing and assembly ideals a reality by controlling mechanical variation and reducing product cost. With our tolerance analysis software, CETOL, easily compare the impact of multiple suppliers’ variation in acceptable tolerance on your own assembly processes, ensuring robust product designs and high-quality outcomes

          Break down silos in your product innovation process.
          Our tolerance analysis and GD&T solutions give your design engineers the ability to collaborate with manufacturing and assembly early on in the product design phases. They’ll get access to intuitive features, such as quickly copying and pasting concepts to create multiple assembly configurations. In addition, they can map existing tolerance models to new design geometry and use sensitivity animation to assess tolerances.
          Get all teams to speak a universal language, no matter where they fit in the production process.

          Sigmetrix’s desktop and enterprise solutions have a familiar, easy-to-use interface and use consistent language with respect to design, manufacturing, and inspection in all products and services. Additionally, the full team will be used to a consistent GD&T language in all products and services, and training solutions will reinforce this improved standard of communication between design and manufacturing. 


          Implement a consistent process for mechanical variation management, and then make it accessible across your organization.

          Everyone from subject matter experts to beginners can have access to mechanical variation modeling and proprietary processes, eliminating slowdowns at any level of the organization. All Sigmetrix tools (1D, 3D, and GD&T) have a consistent look and feel, meaning a concept can transition smoothly from roadmap to geometric dimensioning. Tolerance model data is closely linked to CAD model data so that it can be easily queried and accessed. Using the same tools means everyone speaks a consistent language with respect to design, manufacturing, and inspection across all products and services. With access to tolerance models for high-level “what if” studies, management can ideate without needing intervention from production teams–and they can view the progress and status of all mechanical variation management studies at any time.

          Get GD&T and tolerance analysis software training for full team knowledge share.
          Expert-led, outcome-focused training reinforces the common language and processes between teams. All courses are presented to foster connection and shared understanding throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. Instructors will lead your staff through the required levels of training supplemented by examples, exercises, and applications based on your products and processes.

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