Sigmetrix helps enterprise leaders build higher quality, cost effective solutions—faster than ever before. 

    Our comprehensive solutions are trusted by teams across the enterprise in a variety of industries to help identify mechanical variation faster, resulting in more efficient processes and more cost-effective products


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      Produce higher-quality, cost-effective products across the enterprise.

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      Solutions for manufacturers, engineers, and designers in a variety of industries.

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      Build better products and processes across the enterprise. 

      Robust solutions that streamline and enhance the mechanical variation management process.

      Our tolerance analysis and GD&T solutions  unite the ideal world of product design with the real world of manufacturing and assembly—where mechanical variation has a significant impact on product cost.



        Tolerance Analysis

        Predict, manage, and optimize mechanical variations.


        Understand permissible variation earlier in the design process.

        Model-Based Definition

        Optimize tolerances within 3D models.

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        Tolerance analysis and GD&T solutions for a variety of industries worldwide.

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          Why Enterprise Leaders Trust Sigmetrix to Help Build Better Products

          Teams across the enterprise trust Sigmetrix to help manage mechanical variation, so they can build more efficient, profitable, and innovative products and processes.
          WHY SIGMETRIX?

          Drive Efficiency, Accuracy, and Product Quality with Better Mechanical Variation Management

          Sigmetrix offers robust solutions that streamline and enhance the mechanical variation management process. Our tolerance analysis and GD&T software provides users with results to help ensure consistency, optimize design functionality, minimize manufacturing errors, and improve the overall quality and performance of their products, all within an efficient and user-friendly platform. 

          Leaders in industries like medical device and pharma, aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics and communications, electric generation distribution, and many more trust Sigmetrix solutions to confidently refine their designs, expedite development cycles, and deliver high-quality, reliable products to market faster while maintaining a competitive edge.


          How We Help Produce Higher-Quality, Cost-Effective Products Across the Enterprise 

          Sigmetrix helps streamline collaboration between departments across the enterprise, ensuring a unified understanding of design specifications and manufacturing capabilities. This alignment fosters efficient communication, reduces errors, minimizes rework, and accelerates product development cycles.

          Empowering Product Engineers to Elevate Designs with Precision and Efficiency

          Product engineers trust Sigmetrix solutions to ensure precision in their designs, optimize tolerances, and validate manufacturability early in the product development process. By facilitating a comprehensive understanding of how variation impacts product performance, Sigmetrix empowers designers to create products that are more robust—reducing costly iterations, improving product quality, and accelerating the design-to-manufacturing cycle.

          Supporting Manufacturers for Streamlined Production and Enhanced Quality

          Manufacturers turn to Sigmetrix to understand and manage variation in the manufacturing process. Sigmetrix helps ensure designs align with manufacturing capabilities and standards early in the product development cycle to minimize errors, reduce rework, and improve product quality. This leads to streamlined manufacturing processes, decreased production costs, and increased confidence in producing high-quality, precision-engineered products.

          Helping Quality and Inspection Teams Drive Superior Quality

          Quality and inspection teams use Sigmetrix to assess and validate the impact of design variations on product quality, ensuring alignment between design intent and manufacturing processes. With comprehensive insights into tolerance requirements and variation, Sigmetrix empowers teams to proactively address potential issues, reduce defects, enhance product reliability, and streamline inspection processes, ultimately fostering superior quality control across the manufacturing lifecycle.

          Enabling Supply Chain Management Teams for Seamless Collaboration and Efficiency

          Supply chain management leaders turn to Sigmetrix for comprehensive assessment of design specifications and tolerances, ensuring alignment with manufacturing capabilities across the supply chain. Sigmetrix helps teams preemptively address potential issues, minimize variation, and optimize manufacturing processes with clear communication and understanding between design, production, and suppliers. This leads to improved collaboration, reduced production delays, lowered costs, and enhanced efficiency throughout the supply chain, ultimately bolstering reliability and customer satisfaction.

          Helping Systems Engineering Leaders Ensure Reliable, Integrated Designs

          When systems engineers need to ensure that individual components align seamlessly within the larger assembly, they turn to Sigmetrix. Our solutions help system engineering teams understand how variation impacts system behavior and functionality early in the conception phase, resulting in design requirements that facilitate robust and harmonized designs, reduced errors, improved system reliability, and accelerated development of high-quality, integrated systems that map back to system requirements.
          "We chose Sigmetrix because of their subject expertise and long history of successful mechanical engineering products."
          Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturer
          "CETOL provided a list of actionable items from the analysis, giving a direct path to improvement for the turbine covers."
          Electric Generation Distribution Manufacturer
          "The caster part of an operating room bed was having problems. The break system alignment, regardless of tire alignment, is a complex mechanism requiring precise tolerance. CETOL was used to optimize the dimensions and tolerance and improve performance."
          Medical Device Manufacturer

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