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        Tolerance Analysis

        Predict, manage, and optimize mechanical variations.


        Understand permissible variation earlier in the design process.

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        Optimize tolerances within 3D models.

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          Create More Precise Designs and Cut Waste With ASME GD&T and ISO GPS

          Sigmetrix’s GD&T solutions help design and manufacturing teams understand permissible variation earlier in the design process.

          Save Time and Money by Preventing Mechanical Variation Issues

          Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) are languages that use a special set of symbols to define the size, location, orientation, and form of a part feature. These languages symbolize the relationship between a feature and a measurement reference and allow engineers to demonstrate any tolerances or modifiers on a specific part.  

          Too much variation at a critical feature location can cause problems during assembly, resulting in scrap, rework, field failures, loss of productivity, and warranty and liability costs. Incorporating functional dimensioning and tolerancing annotations during the design process can help circumvent these costly issues.  

          Discover the Benefits of GD&T and GPS

          Implementing functional dimensioning and tolerancing through state-of-the-art software offers benefits across the enterprise. 

          Meet International Standards
          Utilize GD&T or ISO GPS to meet national (ASME) and international (ISO) standards for manufacturing.
          No More Guessing Design Intent
          Use a consistent, clear method for communicating design intent to downstream personnel.
          Improve Operational Efficiency
          A universal language reduces the need for teams to explain complex requirements to one another, so they can work faster.
          Work Seamlessly with CAD
          By integrating directly in a CAD environment like PTC ® Creo ®, engineers can perform GD&T and GPS analysis efficiently.
          Simplify Tolerance Analysis
          A more precise and standardized method for specifying and communicating tolerances results in better control and predictability of mechanical variation.
          Eliminate Costly Rework
          Manufacturing and inspection personnel can read the exact specifications of the design team, making assembly more predictable and accurate.
          Do Easy Tolerance Stack-Ups
          Perform tolerance stack-ups and statistical tolerance analyses from within the CAD model.
          Create the Lowest-Cost Functional Parts
          Produce components with a more optimized process, limited waste, and efficient teams.

          Give Your Team an In-Depth Understanding of GD&T and GPS

          Sigmetrix breaks the mold by teaching GD&T and GPS with courses centered around the how and why to use the language. We eschew outdated training methodology that relies on rote memorization in favor of collaborative, experiential learning that offers lessons on how to apply GD&T and GPS, what happens when it’s applied incorrectly, how to check annotations for correctness, and more. Our team of world-class tolerance analysis experts are directly involved in ASME working groups to help develop and maintain the standards we help manufacturers adhere to. We also attend varied industry events every year to learn and teach about using functional dimensioning standards across industries.

          Gain Efficiency and Build Better Products With Sigmetrix Software

          Group of engineers looking at tablet in the background with older male in the foreground looking at a desktop computer with Sigmetrix CETOL on screen

          The Sigmetrix Software and Training Suite 

          Our GD&T solutions and training allow your team to develop more innovative products and efficient processes for higher profitability, more time savings, less waste, and faster innovation.

          • Create designs faster and more accurately using CETOL 6σ, a comprehensive, 3D model-based tolerance analysis solution that works directly with the CAD definition.
          • Understand how the accumulation of part-level dimensional variation and part-to-part assembly variation impacts assembly-level requirements with EZtol.
          • Get tolerance stack-up and tolerance analysis training to learn how to perform tolerance analysis, how to incorporate it into your workflow and supply chain, and how to use these techniques to achieve your quality goals.
          • Increase productivity by performing a standardized GD&T or GPS analysis with 75% fewer clicks and 73% less time using GD&T Advisor.
          • Gain a comprehensive understanding of GD&T with expert-led, critical thinking-focused training.
          • Maximize your investment in Sigmetrix software with customized product training that shows your teams how to utilize our integrated tools within the products they’re used to.
          • For companies that prefer self-paced online training, our online learning management system offers comprehensive courses on multiple topics.
          • For a broader approach to improving your business’s mechanical variation management, utilize our consulting services. You can also choose to focus on project-based or software installation consulting.

          Here’s How Companies Like Yours Use Sigmetrix for Better Mechanical Variation Management

          These companies implemented software like GD&T Advisor, CETOL, and EZtol to reap the benefits of efficient, easy-to-use geometric dimensioning and tolerance analysis. With Sigmetrix, their teams save time, effort, and scrap, all while limiting warranty costs and improving bottom line. 

          Discover the improvements these organizations experienced with Sigmetrix. 

          Industry Leaders Reaping the Benefits of Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing

          Our customers utilize GD&T and GPS with Sigmetrix across the enterprise for more effective products that assemble and perform exactly as expected, eliminating costly rework resulting from ambiguous requirements in traditional +/- tolerances.
          "We can confidently state that the integration of CETOL within our CAD environment has significantly contributed in formulating a true concurrent engineering process, which enables us to provide our customers with products that continue to exceed their expectations."
          Vice President, Engineering
          Aerospace & Defense Manufactrer
          "Compared to manual analyses using EXCEL spreadsheets to calculate tolerance analysis, CETOL not only helps us to analyze a more complex design, but also provides reliable reports to help us assure our customers."
          Medical Device Manufacturer
          “We chose Sigmetrix because of their subject expertise and long history of successful mechanical engineering products.”
          Automotive Manufacturer
          GD&T Training
          Robust, yet easy-to-understand GD&T training courses taught from a problem-solving perspective.
          Tolerance Analysis Training
          Understand how to perform and incorporate tolerance analysis in your enterprise.

          Implement Smarter Tolerancing With GD&T and GPS

          Stop wasting time with manual GD&T and GPS annotations or costly rework due to poor tolerancing allowances. Sigmetrix has 30+ years of experience helping customers adopt, learn, and apply GD&T and GPS. Let us help your team work more efficiently.