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        Tolerance Analysis

        Predict, manage, and optimize mechanical variations.


        Understand permissible variation earlier in the design process.

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        Optimize tolerances within 3D models.

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          We publish frequently on mechanical variation management, GD&T best practices, and more.

          Create GD&T and GPS Annotations Quickly and Easily with GD&T Advisor

          Sigmetrix’s GD&T software helps designers apply crucial product manufacturing information up to four times faster than with standard CAD authoring tools.

          Apply Standards-Based GD&T and GPS Annotations Within Your CAD Environment

          Incorrect or unclear application of geometric tolerances creates massive inefficiencies, internal debate, and costly scrap. Save time and money with the premier ASME GD&T and ISO GPS annotation software, GD&T Advisor.

          • Enjoy an interactive experience with the software that provides expert guidance on ASME GD&T and ISO GPS application consistent with the governing standards.
          • Work directly within PTC Creo, applying annotations 4X faster than with the standard authoring tools.
          • Apply annotations that are readable by downstream software systems, including tolerance analysis and computer-aided inspection systems.
          • Get recommendations for the most common GD&T or GPS control for any selected feature in a part model.
          • Avoid mistakes: GD&T Advisor will guide the user to create annotations consistent with the governing standards.
          • See color-coded demarcation within the model to assess what features have been completely controlled, partially controlled, or not yet controlled at all.
          • Receive helpful messages and resources to learn and improve without ever leaving the program.
          • Click to open a context-sensitive help screen when GD&T Advisor identifies an issue with an annotation, allowing you to quickly understand why the message is being displayed.

          Industry Leaders Rely on GD&T Advisor for Less Waste and Greater Efficiencies

          Our powerful GD&T software creates bottom-line cost and time savings 

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          Improved Communication
          Empower designers to clearly communicate permissible levels of imperfection in real-world manufactured parts, eliminating the internal debate around what certain annotations really mean.
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          Greater Accuracy
          With on-screen alerts and reference materials, designers can create the most accurate and correct GD&T and GPS annotations possible for better final products.
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          Less Scrap
          By eliminating specification errors, you can save thousands of dollars per year in the scrap that results from engineering change orders or warranty expenses.
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          Get Guidance and Alerts on Your GD&T and GPS Annotations Within CAD

          The many benefits of GD&T Advisor go beyond just time savings—you can also improve your geometric tolerancing knowledge and proactively eliminate annotation errors with native tools and embedded resources. 

          • Use precise mathematics to get recommendations on the most appropriate control for the feature selected while seeing messages on why others are not recommended or appropriate.
          • Adhere to national and international standards, including ASME and ISO.
          • Improve manufacturing accuracy with a uniform application of functional dimensioning and tolerancing that can be understood across the enterprise.
          • Avoid mistakes—unlike standard CAD authoring tools, GD&T Advisor will not allow you to accidentally create invalid annotations that could cause slowdowns in later design phases.
          • Gain contextual understanding of errors and sharpen your skills as you go with software that offers explanations instead of just flagging errors without insight into why they’re occurring.
          • Save thousands of dollars a year on the scrap that results from engineering change orders as well as unexpected warranty expenses.
          Stop Design Slowdowns With GD&T Advisor

          Ready to get more out of your drawings? Refine your processes with state-of-the-art software and enable MBD.

          See GD&T Advisor in Action

          Discover the fast, easy method of applying GD&T. 

          Comprehensive GD&T Training

          We offer a full line of expert-led geometric dimensioning and tolerancing training courses with robust, yet easy-to-understand materials. We customize our courses to ensure that everyone on your varied teams grasp what GD&T or GPS is and how it works, as well as the effects of properly applied controls on each of their respective disciplines and throughout the product lifecycle.

          GD&T Advisor for PTC® Creo® Training

          When you incorporate GD&T Advisor with your PTC Creo system, we offer instructor-led training virtually or in-person to ensure your team understands how to use the software for creating fully annotated Creo part models. We’ll review the user interface, built-in reference materials, administrator functions, and other exciting features.
          “GD&T Advisor will play an integral part in improving the quality of our solutions as well as optimizing our design and manufacturing goals.”
          Automotive Parts Manufacturer
          "The caster part of an operating room bed was having problems. The break system alignment, regardless of tire alignment, is a complex mechanism requiring precise tolerance. CETOL was used to optimize the dimensions and tolerance and improve performance."
          Medical Device Manufacturer
          "The products of FN Manufacturing Inc. typically experience a long market life cycle. Employing CETOL in conjunction with our [design] database, we can analyze our mature product lines to allow optimization of the existing tolerances."
          Vice President, Engineering
          Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer

          Discover More Functional Dimensioning and Tolerance Analysis Resources

          Discover how to build and improve your enterprise with mechanical variation management resources.

          See How GD&T Advisor Can Improve Your Enterprise

          Sigmetrix has 30+ years of experience helping customers adopt, learn, and apply tolerance analysis and functional dimensioning with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use software. Let us help your team work more efficiently.