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      Our tolerance analysis and GD&T solutions  unite the ideal world of product design with the real world of manufacturing and assembly—where mechanical variation has a significant impact on product cost.



        Tolerance Analysis

        Predict, manage, and optimize mechanical variations.


        Understand permissible variation earlier in the design process.

        Model-Based Definition

        Optimize tolerances within 3D models.

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          Learn how you can produce better products, reduce development costs, and more.


          We publish frequently on mechanical variation management, GD&T best practices, and more.

          GD&T Training

          We offer a full-line of comprehensive GD&T training and tolerance analysis training courses, based on many years of industrial experience, standards development, and implementation services.

          Our GD&T training and tolerance analysis training materials are unmatched, technically robust, and easy-to-understand – our students like our training and learn what is needed for successful implementation. We respect our clients and offer the most technically relevant training in terms that are useful and make sense. We build long-term relationships with our clients, as our focus is your long-term success. Our books and materials are available on our website, and many of the books are sold by other sources as well, such as Amazon, ASME Press, IHS Global, and many other retail sources.

          We ensure that your design, manufacturing, inspection, assembly, quality, and service personnel and your suppliers understand GD&T as needed to be successful and produce the highest quality, lowest cost products possible.

          We teach GD&T so every team member:

          • Understands what the GD&T means.
          • Understands how the GD&T works.
          • Understands the effect of the GD&T on product function, manufacturing, inspection, and assembly.
          • Understands the effects of the GD&T throughout the product lifecycle.

          About Our GD&T Training Courses and Seminars

          In our GD&T courses and GD&T seminars we teach the concepts, rules and language of GD&T, and as discussed above, we teach the business implications of GD&T. Our GD&T training presents GD&T from a functional viewpoint, discussing the topics from the point-of-view of application to real world problems.

          When we teach GD&T, we teach it from the point-of-view of application to real world problems, not just another textbook approach. GD&T is taught with Tolerance Stackups in mind – we want our clients to understand the implications of the tolerances they specify, including the type of tolerance, material condition modifiers, datum references, and the tolerance values as well. We also discuss the implications on assembly methods, manufacturing and inspection. Although GD&T is a science of the details, it must also be understood in the context of the big picture.

          Most of our customers prefer for us to come to their facility and teach in-house courses. This allows us to talk about their parts, products, and processes in a more private setting. We help many companies every year – why not let us help you achieve your Dimensional Management goals?  We offer ASME Y14.5-based GD&T Training Courses and ISO 1101-based GD&T Training Courses. Course content can be suited to your needs and practices. Our onsite courses include time to review your designs, drawings, products, and processes.

          We offer Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Custom GD&T courses and GD&T seminars. We call these GD&T training courses Level 1 GD&T Fundamentals, Level 2 GD&T Applications, and Level 3 Advanced GD&T courses. We also offer Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing courses and GD&T Certification Preparation seminars. Our GD&T training can be generic or our GD&T training can be adapted to your specific needs. 


          GD&T Training Courses

          Our GD&T training courses teach the concepts, rules and language of GD&T. We teach GD&T from a functional viewpoint, discussing the topics from the point-of-view of application to real world problems. 

          Our GD&T training courses may be based on ASME standards (ASME Y14.5M-1994, Y14.5-2009) or on ISO standards (ISO 1101, ISO 5459, etc.). All of our Tolerance Analysis and GD&T Training courses are coordinated, as our goal is for your staff to design such that geometric problems are not built into your products, your manufacturing and inspection staff clearly understands the geometric requirements, and your assembly and service personnel are provided parts that fit together and are interchangeable. The language of GD&T and tolerance analysis methods are needed to achieve these goals.

          If desired, our GD&T courses may be customized around your products and problems. Custom courses can be anything you want. Our training has been successful in a variety of environments and contexts.

          Level 1 GD&T Fundamentals Course [20 hours]

          A thorough and rigorous treatment of the system of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing concepts, rules, legal implications, tools and techniques are presented in detail from design, inspection, and concurrent engineering points of view. (ASME or ISO GD&T)

          • Understand shortcomings of +/- dimensioning and tolerancing and how GD&T eliminates these deficiencies
          • Introduction to functional dimensioning and tolerancing
          • Detailed explanation of datums and datum reference frames
          • Start with GD&T rules and simple concepts and build up to system level
          • Features, features of size, geometric tolerances and tolerance zones are covered in detail
          • Leads to a thorough understanding of GD&T basics
          • Presented from design, manufacturing, quality, inspection, and assembly points of view
          Level 1 GD&T Fundamentals Course [Computer-Based, Self-Paced]

          Learn the fundamentals of GD&T at your own pace.  This brand new computer-based course allows students to go through the same curriculum as our Level 1 course through a combination of videos and slides along with quizzes and tests. (ASME)

          • There are 21 units including introduction that cover the major concepts in GD&T. Each unit is from 10 to 60 minutes in length depending on the concepts covered and the student’s pace.
          • Intuitive user portal contains all of the content in one window.
          • Mobile app for iOS and Android allows users to save courses and take them offline.
          • Quizzes at the end of modules allow students to ascertain their grasp of the concepts and revisit material when needed.


          Level 1 GD&T Fundamentals Course for University/College [Computer-Based, Self-Paced]

          Many institutes of higher education have struggled with a way to effectively include GD&T training into their curricula where it would add significant value for their students. Sigmetrix is offering a computer-based tool to help educators augment their existing curriculum with a flexible, self-paced course covering the fundamentals of the language. The ability to author and understand GD&T is becoming more important than ever as industries shift to improve the way their part requirements are defined and communicated throughout the companies and their supply chains.

          Educators will be able to enrich their curriculum with this new computer-based course that will allow students our Level 1 training course through a combination of videos and slides along with quizzes and tests. This course is designed to engage students and help them learn faster and more deeply by enabling them to focus on new concepts at their own pace. This course will promote understanding and will help develop student’s intuition through interactive quizzes that give immediate results.

          • There are 21 units including introduction that cover the major concepts in GD&T. Each unit is from 10 to 60 minutes in length depending on the concepts covered and the student’s pace.
          • Intuitive user portal contains all of the content in one window.
          • Mobile app for iOS and Android allows users to download part or all of the course to take it offline.
          • Quizzes at the end of modules allow students to ascertain their grasp of the concepts and revisit material when needed.
          • Reference materials included: The Journeyman’s Guide to GD&T, GD&T Update Guide: ASME Y14.5-2009, and GD&T Visual Glossary.

          Contact us to set your students up with their logins at a special university only price of $150 per student.


          • Client will be the University/College – with payment terms not to exceed 45 days
          • Each student must have a .edu e-mail address
          • Duration of license:  semester only
          • Students must complete survey at the end of the course
          • Client would submit a white paper or provide Sigmetrix with some type of feedback that we could publish.
          Level 2 GD&T Applications Course [20 hours]

          Covers the more advanced topics, application issues, pros and cons of alternate strategies, effects on downstream processes and the supply chain, and includes many application-based exercises. (ASME or ISO GD&T)

          • Application and implications of Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing schemes
          • How to apply GD&T functionally to parts and mating parts in assemblies
          • Composite tolerancing
          • Understanding alternative strategies for tolerancing and managing variation
          • Pros, cons and tradeoffs of the alternatives on downstream operations such as manufacturing and inspection, and cost implications of the above
          Level 3 Advanced GD&T Course [20 hours]

          Advanced topics, problems and challenges in Dimensioning and Tolerancing, advanced feature types and tolerancing techniques, challenges in metrology, mathematical concepts, effects on Tolerance Stackups, mating part applications, and optional strategies. (ASME)

          • Implications on downstream processes including manufacturing, inspection, assembly, service, & supply chain
          • Deeper understanding of GD&T and its business implications, tradeoffs and pros and cons of different approaches
          • Advanced GD&T tools and methods
          • Alternate strategies for managing more complex geometry
          • Deeper discussion of CAD model geometry and its role in product definition and GD&T
          • Extending and adapting GD&T methods for your products
          • In-depth discussion of your products, drawings, models, & processes
          Comprehensive GD&T Course [32 hours]

          This course combines the content of the Level 1, 2, and 3 classes in a way which allows the user to easily grasp the connections intended throughout the GD&T language.  Starting with most basic concepts and rules, the class works through the GD&T language and its application from a functional, user-friendly standpoint.  The content is arranged with a focus on maintaining the communication of functional intent captured in engineering documentation between Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Machinists, Quality Engineers, Inspectors, and Supply Chain personnel.  Students practice with each new piece of material using a mix of vocabulary and application-based exercises throughout. During the class students will:

          • Realize the shortcomings of +/- tolerances and the advantages of using GD&T
          • Understand and apply functional dimensioning and tolerancing
          • Gain an in-depth knowledge of datums, constraint, datum reference frames, and coordinate systems
          • Appreciate and address the concerns of design, manufacturing, quality, inspection, and assembly
          • Achieve a thorough understanding of GD&T as a system and language
          Tolerance Analysis Fundamentals Course [2 Days]

          The Tolerance Analysis Training Course will help you understand how to calculate and manage variation and its implications on product performance. (ASME or ISO GD&T)

          • Explanation, comparison and calculation of worst-case and statistical techniques
          • How to perform stackups with +\- and GD&T
          • Address assemblability, fit, maintaining clearance, ensuring contact, maintaining wall thickness & machining stock, alignment
          • Compare dimensioning & tolerancing & design strategies
          • Methods to model geometric variation from dimensions and tolerances, GD&T, and assembly processes
          • Understand sources of variation and its effects on assemblies
          • Assembly modeling process, determining if the design, GD&T, and assembly process will yield acceptable results
          • How to correct geometry problems found through analysis
          • Understand, calculate, and model the cumulative variation
          • Know if the design and GD&T specified leads to parts and assemblies that will meet their intended requirements
          GD&T Overview Course [2 hours]

          Overview of core topics of GD&T fundamentals.

          • Why GD&T is needed and how it differs from +/-
          • Plus and minus deficiencies
          • Features and features of size
          • GD&T rules
          • Legal issues relating to drawings and models
          • Datums, datum features, datum reference frames
          • Understanding form, size, orientation, and location, and
          • Overview of geometric tolerancing
          • Discuss GD&T and its implications on purchasing, supply chain, inspection requirements, and other business issues
          ISO GPS vs ASME GD&T Comparison [2 hours]

          Comparison of the ISO GPS and ASME Y14.5 GD&T systems and differences in their philosophy. Comparison of symbology, terminology, tools, techniques, and implications of these on defining functional requirements and downstream processes.

          ASME Y14.5-2018 GD&T Update Course [2 hours]
          The latest ASME Y14.5-2018 Standard contains many clarifications and improvements. This course highlights the most significant of these changes and provides answers to your questions on new, changed, and deleted content as compared to the previous revision (ASME Y14.5-2009). It is recommended for design, mechanical, manufacturing, quality, process and project engineers, CAD specialists, and inspectors. Two options are available for attending this instructor-led class: virtually (online) or in conjunction with our Level 2 class or equivalent.
          GD&T Certification Preparation Seminar – ASME Y14.5-1994 [8-16 hours]

          Preparation for taking ASME’s GD&T Professional Certification Exams. Includes discussions of exam contents and structure, review of core concepts and terms, and study techniques for passing the exams. Recommend prerequisite of prior completion of our GD&T Level I Course. Sample exam included with Seminar.

          Resources to Help You Master Mechanical Variation Management

          Get case studies, whitepapers, and more resources backed by our tolerance analysis and GD&T experts. Learn exactly how you can produce better products, reduce development costs, and make your processes more efficient.

          Experts in ASME GD&T, ISO GPS, and ISO GD&T

          Our trainers are experts in ISO GPS / ISO GD&T standards and ASME GD&T standards, as we participate in the development of ISO GPS and ISO STEP standards, and we participate in the development of ASME Y14.5 and other ASME Y14-series standards. We teach ISO GD&T courses and we teach ASME GD&T courses. While the two GD&T systems look quite similar, there are important differences between the ISO GD&T system and ASME GD&T system. We can help your development team and supply chain if you use the ISO GD&T system or the ASME GD&T system, or even if your development team and supply chain are international and use both systems (ISO GD&T and ASME GD&T) in different parts of the enterprise. We provide services internationally, and we regularly work with multinational corporations in the U.S. and around the world.

          GD&T Consulting

          Our GD&T Consulting Services are popular as a stand-alone service and as a follow-up to our GD&T Training Courses. Our GD&T Consulting Services can be applied to a solve variety of problems, from understanding the GD&T specifications on existing drawings, improving the GD&T specifications and Dimensioning and Tolerancing schemes on existing drawings, to developing GD&T schemes for new drawings. We can help you apply GD&T to your drawings, help you understand the meaning of the specifications on drawings from your suppliers, vendors, customers and other engineering groups.We can help you convince your clients, suppliers and customers to improve their Dimensioning and Tolerancing, making their parts easier to manufacture, inspect and assemble, and helping to ensure their parts and assemblies will function as intended. Our GD&T Consulting Services are our most commonly requested consulting service.

          GD&T Services – Preliminary Legal Document Specification: GD&T Review and Dimensioning and Tolerancing Review

          With our GD&T Review and Dimensioning and Tolerancing Review Services, we review your drawings and related specifications and offer preliminary guidance to help you prepare for litigation as it relates to arguments over the meaning or extent of drawing specifications. Often we develop a detailed report of our findings with our GD&T Review Services, which can be very helpful in avoiding conflict over GD&T and Dimensioning and Tolerancing misunderstandings.GD&T Review and Dimensioning and Tolerancing Review Services can be very helpful in convincing a supplier that they are not meeting legally-mandated specifications, or in convincing a client that a specification that they feel is mandatory is in fact not required. Our goal is to help both parties understand the true meaning of their specifications and avoid costly litigation.


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