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          Quickly and Easily Determine the Required Tolerances Within PTC® Creo® CAD Software

          Sigmetrix’s PTC® Creo® EZ Tolerance Analysis, or EZTA, makes it easy to calculate the needed tolerances seamlessly from within your trusted CAD environment.

          Calculate Necessary Tolerances, Generate Reports, and Work Quickly Within Creo

          Companies seeking to embrace mechanical variation management to improve their products face the pressure of quality assurance, supply chain variability, design complexity, time-to-market, and more. It’s crucial to make design activities, such as assigning accurate tolerances, as fast and easy as possible. With EZTA, your team can create, manage, and report on multiple 1D tolerance analyses while working on their product designs directly within Creo.

          • Define a stack-up in Creo in as few as five clicks.
          • Use, and link to, existing tolerance information, also called Product Manufacturing Information, or PMI, from the part files, ensuring that changes made within EZTA automatically update the source data.
          • Automatically generate the dimension sequence, or loop, between the endpoints of the gap being studied using Creo’s assembly constraints and part-level dimensioning scheme.
          • Easily evaluate worst-case, RSS, and generalized statistical analyses and understand which dimensions are contributing the most variation to each stack-up as well as all stack-ups combined.
          • Assess multiple stack-up analyses in different directions.
          • Integrate tolerance analysis directly within the 3D CAD model to support a MBD approach, promoting consistency, and providing comprehensive information for analysis and documentation.
          • Quickly change assembly assumptions between floating, biased, and centered when clearances are detected between parts, such as a bolt through a clearance hole.
          • List contributors to variation sorted from largest to smallest.
          • Draw conclusions about the overall design with a summary dashboard, showing the objectives and results of each stack-up analysis along with a visual indication of whether the requirement has been met.
          • Generate a detailed report quickly, including a graphical view of the dimension sequences for each of the stack-up captured with the included snapshot tool.

          Improves Tolerance Analysis While Working on Your Designs

          Our seamless in-CAD software makes tolerance stack-ups faster, more accurate, and easier than ever.

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          Time Savings
          From start to finish, employees can work more quickly from within Creo. EZTA also lets the user know when a tolerance is used in other stack-ups to avoid unintended consequences when making changes to tolerance values.
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          Greater Accuracy
          EZTA quickly handles more advanced calculations, including assembly shift, material modifiers applied to geometric tolerances, datum feature shift, and advanced statistical analysis methods to assess quality without the formula errors common in spreadsheets.
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          More Consistency
          Avoid data mistakes and unintended errors, even with complex concepts like geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Also receive notifications when EZTA detects that the defined problem may not actually be a 1-Dimensional stack-up and hence better modeled with more advanced 3D analysis methods.
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          Unmatched Connectivity
          Because EZTA is connected with the design data in Creo, results are automatically updated as designs evolve and the parts change.
          Man and woman look at desktop computer with Sigmetrix EZTA software on screen

          EZTA Offers Effortless Precision Inside PTC® Creo®

          When design engineers are working on detailed drawings in Creo, they rely on EZTA to quickly determine appropriate tolerances to their part dimensions without transferring the data back and forth into spreadsheets. The embedded EZTA tool allows them to shift between creating features in the CAD models and assigning precise tolerances swiftly.

          But that’s not all. Companies across varied industries rely on these benefits when they use EZTA.

          • Removes the necessity for manually configuring formulas and calculations, saving time and minimizing the risk of errors.
          • Improves consistency by automatically updating all tolerance values affected by a modification without the user having to manually adjust each individual analysis common when using spreadsheets.
          • Saves time and improves accuracy by referencing dimensions and their associated tolerances from within the Creo part models, eliminating the need for users to repeatedly input dimensions and tolerances when performing multiple stack-up analyses on the same design.
          • Offers additional features on top of 1D analyses, including a warning feature that alerts users to possible oversights in stack-up calculations.
          Need to Upgrade Your CAD Software?

          Talk to a PTC® representative to implement EZTA in your organization and reap the benefits.

          See PTC Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis in Action

          Engineers can move faster with EZTA.

          Comprehensive EZTA Training

          Sigmetrix offers instructor-led and computer-based training courses to understand how to use EZTA with a “learn by doing” focus. Enjoy a computer-based training course featuring a combination of lecture videos, software demonstrations, detailed exercises, quizzes, and a written training manual to learn EZTA. Or opt for an instructor-led option for an engaging, interactive training experience.

          Tolerance-Related Training

          Want to get your team up to speed on tolerance stack-up and tolerance analysis training? Opt for training from the worldwide leaders in these topics, Sigmetrix. We teach companies of all sizes how to incorporate tolerance analysis into their supply chain and use it to achieve their quality goals.
          “GD&T Advisor will play an integral part in improving the quality of our solutions as well as optimizing our design and manufacturing goals.”
          Automotive Parts Manufacturer
          "The caster part of an operating room bed was having problems. The break system alignment, regardless of tire alignment, is a complex mechanism requiring precise tolerance. CETOL was used to optimize the dimensions and tolerance and improve performance."
          Medical Device Manufacturer
          "The products of FN Manufacturing Inc. typically experience a long market life cycle. Employing CETOL in conjunction with our [design] database, we can analyze our mature product lines to allow optimization of the existing tolerances."
          Vice President, Engineering
          Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer

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          See How PTC® Creo® EZ Tolerance Analysis Can Improve Your Design Processes

          Sigmetrix has 30+ years of experience helping customers adopt, learn, and apply tolerance analysis and functional dimensioning with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use software. Let us help your team work more efficiently.