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        Predict, manage, and optimize mechanical variations.


        Understand permissible variation earlier in the design process.

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          Optimize Designs, Minimize Mechanical Variation Impact, and Ensure Better Quality

          Sigmetrix’s tolerance analysis solutions help predict, manage, and optimize mechanical variations to better achieve design specifications, higher profitability, and unrivaled product quality.

          Better Understand the Impact of Tolerances Across Product Design & Manufacturing Processes

          Tolerance analysis ensures that manufactured parts and assemblies meet design specifications despite inherent variations in the manufacturing process. Without it, products may not meet design specifications due to unaccounted-for variation in manufacturing, leading to parts that don't fit together correctly, functionality issues, waste, and even complete product failure. 

          Sigmetrix’s tolerance analysis solutions integrate precise mathematical algorithms and statistical modeling to simulate the effects of dimensional variations across product designs. By considering multiple sources of variation, including geometric tolerances, assembly processes, material properties, and environmental factors, Sigmetrix enables engineers to predict, analyze, and manage these variations systematically. This helps mitigate the risk of costly manufacturing issues, ensures quality, and leads to products that perform reliably and meet customer expectations. 

          Discover How Tolerance Analysis Helps You Build Better Products

          Tolerance analysis solutions help elevate engineering and manufacturing precision to transform designs, cut costs, and ensure unmatched quality. Still not convinced? Here are even more benefits of tolerance analysis. 

          Enhanced Product Quality
          By assessing how variations in dimensions and tolerances impact the final product, tolerance analysis ensures that components fit together correctly, reducing the likelihood of defects and improving overall product quality.
          Accurate Performance Predictions
          Understanding how variations affect the functionality of the product allows for more accurate predictions of its performance under different conditions, ensuring it meets functional requirements consistently.
          Efficient Problem Solving
          When issues arise during manufacturing or assembly, tolerance analysis provides a structured approach to identifying the root causes of problems related to variations, allowing for more efficient and targeted problem-solving.
          Streamlined Communications
          Visualization of tolerance analysis results facilitates clearer communication among design, manufacturing, and quality control teams, ensuring everyone understands and addresses critical tolerances and variations.
          Optimized Designs
          Tolerance analysis aids in the optimization of designs by accounting for manufacturing variations without compromising functionality, resulting in better-performing products.
          Improved Efficiency 
          Tolerance analysis helps in setting realistic and achievable tolerances, optimizing the manufacturing process by reducing scrap, rework, and assembly difficulties.
          Cost Reduction
          Identifying and addressing tolerance issues early in the design phase minimizes the need for costly rework or redesign later in the manufacturing process, saving time and resources.
          Risk Mitigation
          Tolerance analysis helps identify potential risks associated with variations in dimensions and tolerances, allowing proactive measures to mitigate these risks before they become critical issues during production or in the field.

          We’re Not Like Other Tolerance Analysis Solutions

          Sigmetrix approaches tolerance analysis differently—our easy-to-use software and solutions offer a holistic approach that spans beyond just geometric tolerances. Our solutions encompass a broader spectrum of variation sources compared to other options, including assembly processes, material properties, and environmental factors. Our emphasis on industry-specific solutions, comprehensive support, hands-on training, and optimization tools empowers teams across the enterprise to tackle variation challenges effectively while optimizing designs for maximum precision and manufacturability.

          Tolerance Analysis for Optimal Designs, Cost Efficiency, and Manufacturing Excellence

          Computer screen showing Sigmetrix EZtol software

          3D Tolerance Analysis Benefits 

          3D tolerance analysis is a valuable process that not only helps in understanding the impact of tolerances on product performance, but also aids in optimizing designs, reducing costs, and ensuring product quality and compliance.

          • Provides an accurate assessment of how variations in dimensions and tolerances can affect a final product's performance.
          • Identifies critical tolerances and variations early in the design process, saving time and costs associated with iterative design changes.
          • Allows for better control over the manufacturing process by identifying how tolerances stack up within an assembly.
          • Helps in setting more realistic tolerances that ensure the product meets required standards.
          • Reduces the need for physical prototypes or multiple iterations by analyzing the effects of tolerances in a 3D environment.
          • Assists engineers with optimizing designs by considering tolerance effects early in the design phase.
          • Allows for adjustments that account for manufacturing variations without compromising the product's functionality.
          • Mitigates the risk of product failure or performance issues due to unaccounted-for variations.
          • Helps in meeting standards and compliance requirements by controlling variations within acceptable limits.

          1D Tolerance Analysis Benefits 

          1D tolerance analysis provides a focused and efficient means of evaluating dimensional variations within assemblies, offering a simplified yet effective approach to understanding how these variations affect product functionality.

          • Enables engineers to quickly assess the impact of tolerances on assembly variations.
          • Offers a resource-efficient way to evaluate and manage dimensional variations in scenarios where a 3D analysis might be unnecessary.
          • Provides a focused nature, making design modifications and iterations more agile.
          • Identifies critical contributors to assembly variation, enabling engineers to focus on areas that have the most significant impact on product quality, cost, and performance.
          • Assists in designing for manufacturability, ensuring that assemblies meet specified requirements and are easier to manufacture within defined tolerance ranges.
          • Offers a cost-effective analysis when the complexity of the system doesn't warrant a more elaborate assessment.
          Sigmetrix 3D Tolerance Analysis

          Here’s How Companies Like Yours Use Our Tolerance Analysis Solutions

          Industry leaders trust Sigmetrix's tolerance analysis solutions to streamline design, optimize manufacturability, and better manage mechanical variation. 

          Discover the bottom-line improvements these organizations experienced with our CETOL and EZtol solutions. 

          Industry Leaders Trust Sigmetrix for Tolerance Analysis

          Top manufacturers, engineers, product designers, and executives trust Sigmetrix to help them build better products. But don’t just take it from us—here’s what they have to say.
          "We can confidently state that the integration of CETOL within our CAD environment has significantly contributed in formulating a true concurrent engineering process, which enables us to provide our customers with products that continue to exceed their expectations."
          Vice President, Engineering
          Aerospace & Defense Manufactrer
          "Compared to manual analyses using EXCEL spreadsheets to calculate tolerance analysis, CETOL not only helps us to analyze a more complex design, but also provides reliable reports to help us assure our customers."
          Medical Device Manufacturer
          “We chose Sigmetrix because of their subject expertise and long history of successful mechanical engineering products.”
          Automotive Manufacturer
          Tolerance-Related Training
          Training to proficiently conduct precise tolerance analyses, ensuring optimal products.
          CETOL and EZtol Training
          Hands-on experience and practical application of tolerance analysis solutions.

          Master Tolerance Analysis with Advanced Solutions

          With Sigmetrix, precision becomes an attainable standard, allowing you to achieve enhanced functionality, reduced costs, and accelerated time-to-market for mechanical assemblies. Let us help your team build better products.