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        Predict, manage, and optimize mechanical variations.


        Understand permissible variation earlier in the design process.

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        Optimize tolerances within 3D models.

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          Coming Soon: Get Deeper Insight Into Mechanical Variation Across the Entire Enterprise

          Sigmetrix VariSight provides enterprise-level management of mechanical variation data, facilitating continuous improvement and optimization across the entire design and manufacturing process.

          Streamlined Variation Management, Comprehensive Tolerance Analysis, and Advanced Data Insights for Informed Decision-Making

          Mechanical variation management helps minimize errors, optimize quality, and facilitate informed decision-making throughout the product development lifecycle. Without a comprehensive solution to store and expose variation elements, many organizations struggle to balance cost and quality. 

          VariSight is a comprehensive mechanical variation management solution, providing efficient storage and management of model data, exposing tolerance analysis elements for analytics, and seamlessly integrating with product lifecycle management (PLM) systems.  

          • Store and manage CETOL model data, improving accessibility and organization of critical product information.
          • Expose tolerance analysis data like measurements, sensitivities, contributions, and quality metrics for comprehensive analytics.
          • Facilitate in-depth studies and comparisons through advanced model interrogation, ensuring traceability and synchronization with CAD model revisions.
          • Get robust traceability features, such as tracking user-specific contributions.
          • Plan and track tolerance analysis progress, enabling systematic linking of CETOL measurements to system requirements for detailed reporting on both historical analysis models and their aggregated statuses over time.
          • Report on requirements satisfied by measurements and their aggregated objective status (Pass/Fail) for improved quality control.
          • Evaluate the impact of tolerance changes, graphically visualizing measurement quality metrics over time.
          • Trace, search, and filter the work done on the tolerance model by a particular user or group of users.

          Enterprise-Wide Mechanical Variation Management for Optimal Design Control and Traceability

          Our revolutionary mechanical variation management solution drives efficiency with data storage, analytics exposure, and PLM integration. 

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          Effective Data Management
          Store and expose CETOL model data and tolerance analysis elements for more informed decision-making and optimization of product designs and manufacturing processes.
          VariSight Integration Icon
          Seamless PLM Integration
          Integrate with PLM systems and synchronize CAD model information for accurate tracking of version history and assembly component usage to maintain consistency and reliability.
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          Advanced Reporting
          Perform what-if studies to explore design alternatives, compare object versions, and generate comprehensive reports on the effects of mechanical variations, aggregated quality metrics, and quality metrics evolution over time, providing valuable insights for process optimization.
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          Elevate Your Enterprise’s Mechanical Variation Management with Centralized Data Excellence

          Empowering efficient mechanical variation management through comprehensive data storage, VariSight exposes tolerance analysis elements for analytics and advanced model interrogation.

          • Track the progress of all the tolerance analysis work needed to ensure a large volume of requirements and objectives are satisfied.
          • Identify which assemblies will be impacted, and how, if a tolerance on a part common to multiple assemblies is changed.
          • Easily evaluate iterations of an analysis model to understand what changed as both the design and analysis models evolve and the predicted quality of the requirements change.
          • Maintain traceability of the analysis models and corresponding results against the revisions of the CAD models in the PLM system.
          • Query the PLM system to identify when new revisions of a referenced model are available.
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          Expert-Led Product Training

          VariSight utilizes instructor-led training that ensures smooth onboarding, while guaranteeing each user enjoys the most effective learning environment. Sigmetrix instructors have many years of real-world experience with variation analysis, functional design approaches, applying geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and product engineering concepts through practical usage in various industries.

          Enterprise-Wide Implementation Services

          VariSight users get access to our enterprise-wide implementation services, focused on your mechanical variation management software implementation, deployment plan, training structure, and process improvement. We’ll work with you to determine how your product development process is performing, where inefficiencies exist today, how your tolerance analysis usage is impacting product quality, and much more.

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