NEW! Expert Webinar Series

The Expert Webinar Series content is developed to answer many of the common questions and misunderstandings related to all things related to mechanical variation, MBD, GD&T, tolerance analysis, dimensional management and more. Our ongoing webinars are designed to deliver superior content with no travel costs. Participants interact directly with our experts and consultants, as well as some customer and partner subject matter experts on crucial topics to enhance expertise. Webinars are recorded and archived for convenient on-demand access.

SEPTEMBER 22 @ 10:00am CDT
Check out the newest solution for 3D Tolerance Analysis

CETOL 6σ is the leading 3D tolerance analysis tool of choice for PTC Creo, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, and NX customers. This presentation will demonstrate the application of CETOL 6σ with a simple example problem. It will also demonstrate how the software can be used during design to make improvements as efficiently as possible and during production to help make several different types of business decisions including vendor selection, use/scrap decisions for non-compliant parts, and where best to spend money on data collection.

Is your company exploring putting your tolerance information into your part files to support a Model-Based Definition, or MBD, initiative? See how CETOL’s use of that data provides yet another benefit of MBD by seamlessly using the embedded tolerance data instead of requiring the user to retype the tolerance information within the tool. Furthermore, updates to either the embedded tolerances or to the part geometry are quickly reflected in the analysis results.

This one hour investment of your time will help you understand how companies in all industries are using CETOL 6σ to create designs that optimize the balance of high quality at low costs.



AUGUST 18 @ 11:00am CDT
State of GD&T / GPS Currently and GD&T / GPS Trends Over Time

Sigmetrix conducts periodic surveys to companies around the world with a focus on GD&T/GPS and associated disciplines. Our most recent upcoming survey will be the most comprehensive. We will be presenting results of these surveys along with other data that we collect as part of our ongoing interaction with industry.

We will be discussing GD&T/GPS adoption rate, investment, and perceived value based on a number of market segments. Segments will include industry, company size, region, and product development process. We will also provide trends in the data over time.

Other questions we will cover:

  • Will proper use of GD&T/GPS improve key metrics within my organization?
  • What has poor use of GD&T/GPS cost my organization?
  • Does training improve the effectiveness of GD&T/GPS usage?
  • What are common hurdles to effective GD&T/GPS implementation?

We will also be touching on the connection of GD&T and MBD based on the results.


JULY 15 @ 10:00am CDT
Stump our GD&T Experts

How much time have you spent selecting your GD&T datums, callouts, and tolerances in the past month? After the time-consuming process of selecting these items, how many times have you then had to spend even more time explaining your design intent to the downstream consumers of your drawings?

If you are in the Manufacturing or Inspection teams, how much time have you spent going back and forth with a drawing that doesn’t make any sense?

GD&T can be a rather confusing and complex language when approached from a novice or intermediate perspective. Send in your questions, concerns, and existing problems to get free advice on how best to approach your situation. As experts in the rules, use, and training of GD&T, Sigmetrix can help you get the most out of the GD&T in your definitions.

If your company is struggling with GD&T, please join us for this webinar. We’ll get you pointed in the right direction.


Gaining model insights with CETOL 6σ Visualize Sensitivities

This presentation will cover CETOL 6σ Visualize Sensitivities functionality using simple and advanced use cases.

We will discuss:

  • How to use CETOL Visualize Sensitivities functionality
  • Why this functionality is essential in variation analysis
  • How to gain insights into your mechanical designs using Visualize Sensitivities
  • Advanced usages for analysis and show-and tell


GD&T in Education

GD&T is a language used by manufacturers throughout the world to improve communication and reduce cost. Is GD&T important for new graduates to know, or is GD&T something that is only necessary further in one’s career? Is there a distinguishable difference in productivity among new hires who know GD&T versus those who don’t?

This 30 minute webinar provides an overview of:

  • how GD&T is taught in the educational system
  • why GD&T in the educational system is important
  • some things that recent graduates can do to bolster up their GD&T knowledge


Ask The MBD Experts (Q&A): From Design to Manufacturing

We’ve gathered an all-star team of MBD experts to answer any of your MBD-related questions!

In this hour-long live Q&A webinar, our MBD panelists expect to touch on questions in the following areas:

  • Creating good GD&T with correct tolerances.
  • Using semantic MBD downstream in manufacturing and quality.
  • How to champion MBD in a large organization.
  • MBD workflows across supply chains.
  • And many other questions related to MBD/MBE.

Register today and get answers from the industry experts.


Better Assembly Modeling for Tolerance Analysis

In order to perform an accurate tolerance analysis at the product level the true assembly behavior must be modeled correctly. The typical assembly constraints found in most CAD systems have been optimized for efficiently constraining parts in the idealized design configuration. They are not meant to account for the small kinematic shifts that occur in the assembly due to manufacturing variation. Additionally, traditional kinematic modeling is done in the nominal state using idealized representations of the relative motion. Since tolerance analysis must understand how the assembly will respond to variation, both of these traditional approaches have their limitations. In this webinar we will dig into some the technical aspects of the assembly constraint modeling used by CETOL and why it is important for proper tolerance analysis.


Web of Product Information: Why does GD&T work without MBD, but MBD requires GD&T?

Why is GD&T so complicated if it claims to be “clear and concise?”

Will MBD decipher our difficult definitions?

Join Sigmetrix for the answers to these and other questions with a discussion on the relationship between GD&T and MBD.


Work Virtually … With MBE

Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) is a business practice that strives to support a digital supply chain, which in this current climate is a necessity! What better way to maintain proper social distance from your peers than to attend a webinar discussing the struggles of a digital enterprise?! Model-Based Enterprise supports a variety of model-based activities (MBx) such as model-based definition (MBD), but why is MBE important? How does MBD fit into a digital enterprise? Why does it matter?!

Join Sigmetrix on April 16 to discuss MBE, MBD, and to look at some of the hardships that come with adoption and implementation. Jesse Zahner is a project specialist with Sigmetrix and will be providing a 40-minute presentation, with Q&A to follow.

The goals for this webinar are as follows:

  • Develop a high-level understanding of MBE
  • Discuss Model-Based Definition (MBD) and how it fits into an MBE
  • Explore some common roadblocks associated with the adoption of MBE

Sign up today to reserve your seat!