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ARIADNE Engineering AB is a provider of leading engineering CAD/CAE software, training and PLM-solutions to Scandinavian companies. Through our products and services, we deliver added value to our customers and help them to create better and innovative products more effectively. ARIADNE operates on the Scandinavian market since 10 years and our brand is well recognized within the field of mechanical engineering.

ARIADNE is Sigmetrix Certified Scandinavian Competence Center within the field of tolerance analysis. Using its unique competence ARIANDE is helping leading Scandinavian companies to find right balance between functional requirements and production cost.

  • Address: ARIADNE Engineering AB

Flottiljgatan 61
721 31 Västerås

  • Telephone: +46 21 800906

Miroslaw Chamera on the value of CETOL 6σ

Miroslaw Chamera, Managing Director and owner of ARIADNE Engineering has been working with digital simulation for 20 years in Scandinavia. ARIADNE Engineering specializes in digitized 3D design, strength calculations and simulations. They deliver market-leading software, training and consulting services.

In the projects they undertake, they follow the analysis thread and do it right from start to finish. Their favorite tools are from leading software companies such as PTC, Sigmetrix, Noesis as well as other 3D CAD / CAM / CAE systems and advanced computational tools.

Mr. Chamera took a few minutes to answer some questions and share his thoughts on Sigmetrix, as well as tolerance analysis, the value of CETOL 6σ, GD&T Advisor and the benefits and ROI he has experienced.

Would you like to see CETOL 6σ Tolerance Analysis Solution in action for yourself?