Leadership Team

James StoddardJames Stoddard - Executive Vice President, Product Development


James is the top technologist for the creation of CETOL 6σ Technologies, advanced constraint systems, architecture and CAD integrations developed over 10 years of professional research going back to his work at Brigham Young University working with Dr. Ken Chase, founder of ADCATS, the Association for Development of Computer Automated Tolerance Systems. James is recognized by the top PLM companies and universities as the leading expert in advanced constraint technologies setting the benchmark for precise solutions necessary for addressing the next generation needs of tolerance optimization systems.



Chris WilkesChris Wilkes, President and CEO of Sigmetrix

Executive Advisor

Chris has an extensive background in developing marketing, operations and product strategies that enhance corporate reputation, increase shareholder value and accelerate growth. Holding previous Presidential and Vice Presidential positions at Incentra, Sterling Software, SANZ and AT&T, he was responsible for driving top and bottom-line company growth through fiscally accountable and operationally efficient leadership. In 2011 and 2012, Chris served as the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing where he successfully led the company to successive double-digit revenue growth years. Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing management from Texas Tech University, followed by an MBA from Texas A&M University.