Model Based Definition

What is a model?

Model = Geometry + Atrributes + Annotations

Model Based Definition - What is a model?








Why Should Model Based Definition be Used?

In short, it is better, faster, and cheaper!

  • US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) estimates that moving to Model Based Definition Data Packages will reduce procurement costs by 27%. This same survey estimated that almost 19% of scrap and rework costs were attributable to poor quality of the design specification
  • US Dept of Defense estimates that 60% of the supplier data received has errors between models and drawings despite the fact that 30% of the total product development budget was spent on creating and maintaining drawings
  • Many manufacturing systems can utilize information directly from the 3D models without having to be explicitly programmed
    • 3D Printing for prototyping
    • CAM Software for machining the parts
    • Inspection software
  • Complete 3D models can feed directly into engineering analysis programs to verify the performance of the design