CETOL 6σ Tolerance Analysis in SOLIDWORKS

Tolerance Analysis in SOLIDWORKS

CETOL 6 Sigma - SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner ProductSigmetrix’ CETOL 6σ, the premier variation and tolerance analysis technology in SOLIDWORKS, provides a level of design control and system insight previously not available. This added insight is critical for developing  products that are robust in order to exceed Quality standards over the life of the product. That newly-exposed design knowledge, enabled by CETOL 6 Sigma, helps to maximize product performance and minimize liability risk that could unknowingly be introduced because of manufacturing part variation. Request a demo of CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis in SOLIDWORKS by filling out our request form now.

CETOL medical device tolerance analysis in solidworks

CETOL 6σ uniquely combines geometric, mathematic, and kinematic modeling with automated variation analysis and GD&T simulation to provide a precise yet comprehensive level of understanding that is only available with CETOL 6σ. Combined with the ability to easily analyze the performance of the assembly through its entire tolerance range, CETOL 6σ gives you and others in Design, Manufacturing, Quality, etc. the ability to actually visualize, through animation, the potential impact that manufacturing and assembly process variation have on the performance and robustness of a product.

By using CETOL 6σ GD&T tools during the visualization process companies reduce costs of manufacturing, improve product robustness, and provide product assemblies which meet brand expectations. Request a custom demo by completing our online form for today. 

Derivative analysis report in solidworks

CETOL 6σ  provides a comprehensive set of GD&T tools to intelligently guide the user through a precise assembly modeling process resulting in predictions of critical variation impact. Key features include:

  • Rich graphical interface and modeling wizards
  • Precise sensitivity analysis combined with true sensitivity animation
  • Analytical, statistical, and worst case tolerance analyses
  • Rapid “what-if” without re-simulation
  • Interactive, on CAD model analysis visualization
  • Clean, organized, and highly-interactive Tolerance Information Manager™ interface
  • On-the-fly WYSIWYG report creation
  • Comprehensively integrated with SolidWorks




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