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Sigmetrix GD&T Software based on CETOL 6σ Technology

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A necessary function of the design process, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is often perceived as a tedious, manual exercise where specifications are drawn by hand and applied to CAD drawings as a separate step.

Enter GD&T Advisor – the preferred GD&T software solution that empowers designers to communicate permissible levels of imperfection in real-world manufactured parts, all from within the CAD environment. Schedule a demo with our professional solutions team now by completing our online request form here.

New Features in our Latest Version

In addition to supporting the latest Creo 3.0 release, GD&T Advisor v2.3 has been enhanced to:

  • provide greater support for establishing datums from targets.
  • support compound datum features, also referred to as a common datum in ISO GPS, from parallel axes that are not coaxial.
  • offer greater flexibility for defining hole notes for threaded holes.
  • provide more options for defining drafted features.
  • improve customization options for the default strings and application choices.
  • inform the user about unused datums and DRFs.

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GD&T ADVISOR variance analysis software

With GD&T Advisor, increased productivity, improved manufacturing accuracy, and reduced costs are a reality. The ability to perform a standardized GD&T analysis with substantially fewer clicks results in a tremendous drop in analysis time.

Quality checking becomes a fast and pain-free practice – saving valuable time and accelerating the design process, while the scrap and Engineering Change Orders often familiar in the manufacturing phase are reduced – saving thousands and tens of thousands of dollars every year.





GD&T CAD software GD&T Advisor tolerance analysis software by SigmetrixGD&T SOFTWARE FUNCTIONALITY AND CONTROL

GD&T Advisor addresses four critical aspects of GD&T application:


• Creation – efficient, intelligent application of functionally, syntactically correct GD&T in the 3D model environment

Validation – visualization and function-oriented evaluation of GD&T

Education – extensive help content, informative tool tips, and an interactive GD&T Quick Reference aid in understanding of GD&T concepts

Utilization – intelligent, CAD-native annotations  are usable  in downstream processes such as drawing production, tolerance analysis, computer aided inspection, and other design activities


GD&T Tolerance Analysis Software, Geometric Demensioning and Tolerance cad software



GD&T Advisor provides interactive help with a content sensitive use guide and links to an entire GD&T Encyclopedia.

GD&T Advisor for GD&T analysis by Sigmetrix





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ETI and Alex Krulikowski



  – The “Doctor of Dimensioning”

    – Member of The ASME Y14.5 Committee on Dimensioning and Tolerancing, ASME Y14.41 Committee on Solid Model Tolerancing (past chairman), and ISO/TC 213-US TAG

– Development partner for GD&T Advisor

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