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Proficiency with your CETOL 6σ and GD&T Advisor software is what you get when our engineers bring their tolerance analysis and GD&T application expertise to your environment. We go beyond initial training to address complex design challenges, critical deadlines and implementation strategies that work for your product development process.

We also offer a variety of courses focused on GD&T, tolerance analysis, dimensional management and MBD / MBE. All of these courses are presented with the big picture in mind, considering the inter-relationship between Design, Manufacturing, Inspection (QA/QC), Assembly, Service, Purchasing and all other facets of the Design/Manufacturing continuum.  Instructors will lead your staff through the required levels of training supplemented by examples, exercises, and applications based on your products and processes. This provides the well-rounded understanding your staff needs for your firm to compete in today’s competitive global marketplace.

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Meet our trainers

Erich Zwettler, GDTP-S

Erich is an expert-level trainer and practitioner of GD&T, having learned and honed his skills in the Automotive and Aerospace industries prior to joining Sigmetrix. His career started with 4 years as a Product Engineer with Dura Automotive Systems, designing manual seat adjuster mechanisms. Then, he spent 12 years with Rolls-Royce Corporation, checking, training, and consulting on GD&T, writing specifications and standards, and helping to clarify drawing interpretation globally.
He has been teaching and mentoring designers, manufacturers, and inspectors on GD&T for over 12 years and has developed numerous company-specific standards and specifications on definition interpretation. Erich is a member of many ASME committees, some of which include Y14.5 (Dimensioning and Tolerancing), Y14.46 (Additive Manufacturing), and AED-ALT (Assembly-Level Tolerancing). He is passionate about GD&T and its value and enjoys transferring his knowledge to others.