Hands-on, Targeted Solutions – Geared to Your Unique Environment


Sigmetrix offers training focused on the subjects of:  

  • GD&T 
  • Tolerance analysis 
  • MBD / MBE 

All these courses are presented with the big picture in mind, considering the inter-relationship between Design, Manufacturing, Inspection (QA/QC), Assembly, Service, Purchasing and all other facets of the Design/Manufacturing continuum.  Instructors will lead your staff through the required levels of training supplemented by examples, exercises, and applications based on your products and processes. This provides the well-rounded understanding your staff needs for your firm to compete in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Additionally, Sigmetrix provides software training to ensure proficiency with your dimensional management software including courses for: 

  • CETOL 6σ 
  • EZtol
  • EZTA for Creo ®
  • GD&T Advisor for Creo ® 

Our engineers bring tolerance analysis and GD&T application knowledge to your environment to blend subject-matter, software expertise, and practical application to your products. We go beyond initial training to address complex design challenges, critical deadlines and implementation strategies that work for your product development process. 

Most classes are offered onsite, virtual, or computer-based depending on your needs. 


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Meet Our Trainers

Erich Zwettler, GDTP-S

Erich is an expert-level trainer and practitioner of GD&T, having learned and honed his skills in the Automotive and Aerospace industries prior to joining Sigmetrix. His career started with 4 years as a Product Engineer with Dura Automotive Systems, designing manual seat adjuster mechanisms. Then, he spent 12 years with Rolls-Royce Corporation, checking, training, and consulting on GD&T, writing specifications and standards, and helping to clarify drawing interpretation globally.
He has been teaching and mentoring designers, manufacturers, and inspectors on GD&T for over 12 years and has developed numerous company-specific standards and specifications on definition interpretation. Erich is a member of many ASME committees, some of which include Y14.5 (Dimensioning and Tolerancing), Y14.46 (Additive Manufacturing), and AED-ALT (Assembly-Level Tolerancing). He is passionate about GD&T and its value and enjoys transferring his knowledge to others.

Marius Zvolinschi

Marius is an expert-level CETOL practitioner and trainer, having learned and honed his skills in the Heavy Equipment Industry prior to joining Sigmetrix. Upon graduating from Transylvania University of Brasov, Romania with a Mechanical Engineering degree, Marius worked as a Product Engineer for a Romanian consultancy company on several Caterpillar design projects. In 2007, Marius moved stateside and started learning and applying CETOL 6σ at Caterpillar, Champaign-Urbana, IL for the next two years. During this time, he had the opportunity to work with some of the best automotive engineers supporting Dimensional Engineering projects for a Motor Grader where he perfected his GD&T skills. Marius continued his dimensional management practice with Caterpillar in Peoria, IL supporting engine development and track type tractors.  During his tenure, Marius became one of the lead instructors and mentors for designers and tolerance analysts, including the development of internal standards and best practices.

Marius joined Sigmetrix in January 2016, and since then he had a great exposure to a broad market including medical, automotive, defense, electronics, and consumer goods. Marius provides training for Sigmetrix’ CETOL 6σ and GD&T products and performs tolerance analysis as a Sr. Level Consultant. He is very passionate about CETOL, the application of GD&T, and the great things that our customers can achieve.

Dan Lange

Dan is an expert-level user and instructor for tolerance analysis software and methods including CETOL 6σ, EZ Tolerance Analysis, and EZtol.  With an Industrial Engineering degree from Purdue University, he began his career at Eastman Kodak in assembly operations optimizing throughput and leading multi-discipline problem-solving teams. After 7 years in assembly operations, Dan transitioned into a customer-facing role as a sales and technical specialist.  In 1997, he joined PTC’s largest reseller where he discovered CETOL 6σ and became passionate about the application of variation analysis to solve complex assembly problems.

In 1999, Sigmetrix was formed and Dan was recruited by Sigmetrix to support both pre-and-post sale initiatives.  In addition to individual training and consulting assignments, Dan serves as the Manager of Training and Consulting Services for Sigmetrix.

Jesse Zahner

Jesse Zahner

With an extensive background in Model-Based Enterprise, Jesse serves as a voice on Sigmetrix’s MBE efforts. Coming to Sigmetrix with a Master’s in Product Lifecycle Management from Purdue, along with prior experience at Elysium and Boeing, he helps guide product enhancement and delivery.

As a student of the piano, Jesse brings the rigor of practicing music to his work at Sigmetrix. Serving as an instructor for MBE content and generating MBE initiatives for Sigmetrix are just a couple ways he helps amplify Sigmetrix’s voice in a booming digital industry.