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Our approach to Dimensional Management Training is simple – to teach you and your staff to recognize and eliminate dimensioning and tolerancing problems before they happen. This is done through education, careful coordination between design, manufacturing, inspection and assembly, coordination with suppliers, properly applying GD&T, and by using Tolerance Analysis techniques to ensure top level assembly requirements are achieved. Our Dimensional Management Training is the final step in your GD&T and Tolerance Analysis training sequence.

In our Dimensional Management Courses and Dimensional Management Seminars we stress that it is also critical that the design approach leads to realistic tolerancing requirements. We strive to ensure that component tolerances are manufacturable and inspectable using the methods available. Our goal is to help you optimize your Dimensioning and Tolerancing schemes and to help you maximize your profits, reduce your cycle time and increase your quality – that is what Dimensional Management is all about.


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Understanding the Assembly Process

In our Dimensional Management Courses and Dimensional Management Seminars we teach you how to coordinate your Design and Tolerance Analysis efforts with your Manufacturing, Inspection, Quality and Assembly efforts. By coordinating your efforts, and by combining assessment, tolerance scheme development, application of GD&T, interface control and management, oversight of implementation in manufacturing, assembly, at suppliers and vendors, development of inspection plans, and oversight of fixture development and implementation, it will lead to less problems down the line.

Dimensional Management is the key to increasing your productivity, optimizing your processes, reducing your cycle time and increasing your quality. We have helped many companies to become more successful by improving their product definition and optimizing their tolerancing practices.

Although our Dimensional Management Courses and Dimensional Management Seminars may be taught stand-alone, they are most effective when taught in conjunction with Tolerance Analysis and GD&T Courses, as all three are interrelated. Proper application of GD&T is necessary to be able to define allowable part variation, and for Tolerance Stackups to be accurate parts and assemblies must be defined using GD&T.

Our Dimensional Management Courses and Dimensional Management Seminars are available in our standard format or they may be customized to your products and processes. We often combine our consulting services and training courses, bringing coordinated and targeted solutions to our customers.

We also offer mentoring services. Sigmetrix can work with your staff on a long-term basis, helping them to become truly proficient in understanding and managing your new Dimensional Management System. This is an excellent follow-up to our training courses – it is absolutely the best way to ensure that the material learned in week-long or shorter training courses becomes integrated into your design processes. Our oversight and guidance throughout your process will help the process to become the successful long-term solution you need.

You can also utilize our Dimensional Management Consulting Services, in which we will help you assess and document the capabilities of your processes, develop and apply optimized Dimensioning and Tolerancing schemes based on how your products are manufactured, inspected, and assembled, and most importantly how they function. Our Dimensional Management approach is thorough, and we understand that every industry and company have different needs, products and processes. By listening to your concerns and understanding your current situation, we can help devise and implement a Dimensional Management system that will ensure optimal application and understanding of your Dimensioning and Tolerancing specifications.


See Dimensional Management Training Courses