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Course Desription

GD&T Advisor for PTC® Creo® Training presents a thorough explanation of the system of GD&T concepts, rules, legal issues, tools and techniques from design, inspection, manufacturing, and concurrent engineering points of view. This course covers all the fundamentals so you will understand the shortcomings of +/- Dimensioning and Tolerancing and how GD&T eliminates these deficiencies. Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing, reasons to use GD&T, and practical applications are explained in detail. GD&T is addressed from the details to the system-level. While this is a technical course, topics are presented in the context of business, benefits and tradeoffs, risks and benefits for all departments and your supply chain. We offer the most comprehensive GD&T training on the market.

This class is perfect for anyone who creates or interprets engineering drawings, design staff, engineering staff, supplier quality staff, CMM operators and planners, purchasing and procurement staff, checkers, inspectors, technicians, technical sales staff, suppliers, and others.

Course Objectives

This course will teach students the system of GD&T starting with the terms, rules, symbols and concepts of GD&T per the ASME Y14.5M-2009 Standard.  GD&T is presented from a practical and business point of view, including reasons to use GD&T, the risks of not using GD&T, how to use GD&T correctly, and the benefits of GD&T on quality.

Prerequisites for GD&T Advisor for PTC® Creo® Training

• Students should have basic print reading skills

Class Materials

  • “The Journeyman’s Guide to GD&T” 2016, 266 pgs.
  • “GD&T Visual Glossary” 2009
  • “GD&T Update Guide: ASME Y14.5-2009” 220 pgs.
  • Level 1 GD&T Course Exercise Set and Handouts
  • GD&T Wall Chart Set (One set per course, inch or metric)

GD&T Advisor for PTC® Creo® Training  Class Structure

  • On-site, instructor-led
  • 20 Hours of instruction
  • Minimum 10 students per class

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