GD&T Advisor for PTC® Creo® Training

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Course Desription

GD&T Advisor for PTC® Creo® is an instructor-led course covering the user interface, the built-in reference materials, administrator functions, specific functionality for holes, patterns, drafted features and datum targets, and the logic behind how to effectively leverage context sensitivity help. Students will be given the opportunity to apply the GD&T Advisor on Sigmetrix supplied models, then work through 2-3 customer-specific part models representing standard GD&T company practices.

Course Objectives

This course will teach students software functionality and GD&T Advisor workflow to achieve a fully-annotated Creo part model.

Prerequisites for GD&T Advisor for PTC® Creo® Training

Knowledge of GD&T concepts including datums, datum reference frames, GD&T rules, features of size, geometric tolerance types,  and tolerance zones, 

Class Materials

  • GD&T Advisor Training Manual and CAD models for exercises 

GD&T Advisor for PTC® Creo® Training  Class Structure

  • Virtual delivery requires 8 hours of scheduled class time 
  • Onsite delivery is a 2-day class 
  • Computer-based training also available

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