3D Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) and Model-Based Definition (MBD) Training Courses [16 hours]

Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Training [8 hours]

The benefits, pros, cons, and best-practices of 3D MBE.

  • Discuss drawing-only, drawing and model, and model-only datasets and their pros and cons
  • Culture change and what is needed to start the transition to 3D MBE and MBD
  • Focus on understanding how and why we do business today, how it can be improved by adopting 3D Model-Based techniques
  • What transition and implementation to MBE entails
  • Recommendations for transition to and implementation of MBE and MBD in your business and supply chain
  • How to manage the transition & implementation challenges




Model-Based Definition (MBD) Training [16 hours]

The rules, techniques, pros, cons, and best-practices for 3D Model-Based Definition, using Solid Model data sets with or without engineering drawings and 3D Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), and related concepts in drawing-only, drawing and model, and model-only datasets are discussed.

  • Compliance with ASME Y14.41 and ISO 16792
  • CAD system and data format issues
  • Methods for multiplatform dissemination
  • Using model
  • Archival strategies, legal issues, translation, format management, retrieval, etc.
  • Discuss Model-Based Product Definition and Model-Based Process Definition
  • Data and dataset quality from a 3D point-of-view
  • Extended discussion of your products, processes, supply chain, opportunities, challenges, etc.



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