Tolerance Analysis Extension (TAE) for PTC® Creo® Webinar Training


This 4-hour instructor-led webinar course provides students a basic understanding of how to use the Tolerance Analysis Extension (TAE) for PTC® Creo®. Using TAE, students will learn how to solve one-dimensional problems, how to build a model in TAE, and how to manipulate that model in the Measurement Table and the Dimension Loop Diagram. In addition, students will also learn to use the Analysis Results including sensitivity plots and contributors.TAE Training Class

A basic understanding of 1D stack-up techniques is recommended as a prerequisite for this class.

Classes are available most Fridays and begin at 12:00 noon Eastern Time (New York, NY time zone). Please select 3 choices when registering and the Instructor will verify date with you.

The Agenda for the class is:

  1. Tolerance Analysis Fundamentals
  2. Modeling Overview
  3. Analysis and Results
  4. Additional Modeling Considerations
  5. Integrated Workflow Tools (WF5 Only)
  6. Homework Assignment


Download Fundamentals of Tolerance Analysis brochure.