GD&T and Tolerance Analysis Training Schedule

Response to COVID-19: Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Sigmetrix offers a fundamental tolerance analysis course as well as training for our software products, CETOL 6σ, EZtol, and EZTA for Creo. Individual student, computer-based, and on-site training options are available.  An instructor will present course content via Zoom web-conferencing.  Students have direct access to the instructor to ask questions throughout the training program.  Polling techniques will create an engaging learning environment to ensure knowledge transfer of key concepts. Desktop sharing will be open to all students to provide direct, “over-the-shoulder” support as students work through  exercise.  Zoom Breakout Rooms will allow student(s) to engage privately with the instructor when discussing company confidential subject matter.  This is a 4-day class, 6-hours per day.  Class times 11:00-5:00 eastern.  The Virtual Instructor-Led product includes:

  • Temporary license of CETOL, if needed.  Expires 2 weeks after training.
  • CETOL 6σ training manuals and exercise files
  • Two hours of 1-on-1, virtual consulting time. The virtual consulting time will be used following training. Students will work with a Sr. Level Sigmetrix CETOL 6σ Analyst to solve a current tolerance analysis requirement by applying CETOL 6σ to a customer-specific assembly.

Sigmetrix offers a fundamental tolerance analysis course as well as training for our two software products, CETOL 6σ and the Tolerance Analysis Extension along with EZtol and PTC Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis.  Both individual student and on-site training options are available.

About our Tolerance Analysis Training:

Our comprehensive software training is essential and ensures that customers take advantage of the reasons they bought their tolerance analysis software in the first place. To fully gain return on investment, user buy in, and maximum product usage, we highly recommend training from our team of experts.  Register now by clicking on your preferred date. Classes fill quickly. If you need any further assistance you can contact our sales team for additional training dates.

In addition to our software-specific training courses, Sigmetrix offers a more fundamental course covering how to create a tolerance stackup.  Both “Plus-Minus” and GD&T-based courses are available.

Sigmetrix also offers on-site training for CETOL 6σ and EZtol and PTC Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis. If your training need is greater than an individual student or you feel a customer-specific training approach would be more beneficial for your needs, please inquire about our customized tolerance analysis training solutions at Classes can be tailored based on your assembly requirements.

Tolerance Analysis Training Schedule

Make your selection from the following dates:


Virtual training conducted via Zoom
• Training is held Tuesday through Friday
• Course requires 24 hours on-line time
• Class times 11:00-5:00 eastern
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CETOL SOFTWARE TRAINING: Onsite Training – McKinney, Texas 

• Training is held onsite at our McKinney, TX office
Class time is 8:30AM-5:00PM CDT


EZtol/PTC Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis WEBINAR TRAINING. 

Virtual training conducted via Zoom
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Available most Friday’s upon request.
When registering you will select 3 dates and trainer will confirm upon submission.


GD&T Virtual Training — Level 1

• Training is held Monday through Thursday 
• Course requires 24 hours on-line time
• Class times 11:00-4:00PM eastern