Training – CETOL 6σ Software

Sigmetrix understands the need for each end user of CETOL 6σ Software, to have training for the most effective production environment. Sigmetrix offers a variety of training solutions in order to let our customers choose the most effective training alternative. Whether an on-site visit, webinar, self-study, or seminar is chosen, you can expect a well rounded class with a trainer who can apply GD&T standards to the industry your company is in.

Project schedules, company culture, training demand, personal considerations and costs all impact the training decision for CETOL 6σ Software users. So choose below what suits your employee needs now. Training sessions book quickly and you’ll need to reserve your session soon.

About Sigmetrix Training Team:

Sigmetrix trainers have real world experience, as well as high levels of applying Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Variation Analysis, and product engineering concepts through practical usage in various industries. Each team member has a solid working understanding of GD&T. Therefore the content can be applied to the industry of your company, role in assembly production, engaging, and beneficial to your design & engineering employees being trained.

Course Description:
Sigmetrix offers CETOL 6σ Tolerance Analysis Training via our computer-based learning environment.  Topics covered include an overview of worst-case and statistical analysis concepts, the CETOL 6σ user interface, fundamental statistics, variation inputs, best practices for assembly analysis modeling, functional dimensioning including GD&T, the complete tolerance analysis modeling process, modeling validation, results interpretation, and reporting.   

The computer-based training utilizes 15 modules to cover the subjects listed above.  Each module includes recorded lectures with slides and a “talking head”, demonstrations of software functionality and workflows, student exercises, and quizzes. 

Course Objectives:
This course will teach students fundamental software and assembly knowledge required to create accurate variation models using CETOL functionality.  Throughout the training, students are encouraged to practice what they learn on a customer-specific assembly problem.  The goal is to get some “real work” done by constructing a current analysis while learning CETOL 6σ modeling techniques that are inherent to the customer’s product. 


  • Minimum of 3 months, daily experience using CAD software.  
  • Understanding of tolerance analysis 
  • If used, an introductory understanding of GD&T 
  • Background in kinematics, i.e. part degrees of freedom is valuable. 

CETOL 6σ Software CBT Class Materials: 

  • CETOL Training Manual covering theory and functionality, 
  • Native CAD models to complement the exercises.   
  • A 2-week, temporary training license is provided. 

CETOL 6σ Software CBT Class Structure: 

  • Course requires approximately 24 hours to complete 
  • Two delivery options are available – browser-based portal when connected and mobile app for iOS and Android allowing users to save courses and take them offline.   


Select an area of interest regarding your CETOL 6σ Software training needs:

INDIVIDUAL STUDENT: Recommended for companies needing training for 3 or fewer students with direct instructor contact.


ON-SITE: Recommended for companies wanting to minimize the impact on employee schedules or when training 4 or more students.


COMPUTER-BASED TRAINING: Recommended for update training or individual training when travel and schedules are prohibitive. 


CUSTOMIZED: Recommended for companies desiring a very focused product or organizational training.