CETOL 6σ Training – Computer-Based

Learn the fundamentals of CETOL 6σ at your own pace. This computer-based course allows students to complete the same curriculum as our instructor-led course but at a schedule that can be balanced with other work demands.” 


Must Have Skills:

  • Use of viewing techniques such as creating cross-sections, and explode states, and controlling the display of parts, planes, axes, points.
  • Creation of reference features such as planes, axes, and points. Students should also understand the options available in the CAD system for direct and indirect selection of part features.

Desired Skills:

  • Basic understanding of GD&T, tolerance analysis, statistics, and degrees of freedom


This training utilizes a combination of written material, exercises, movies, and live instructor access to teach the fundamentals required to: 1) build and validate assembly variation model and, 2) make design decisions to optimize the nominal design and tolerance assignments. The coursework is broken into tasks which you complete at your own pace. Completed CETOL models (.cxm) are provided and are used to compare student results to the desired result.

At the conclusion of the training, students have the opportunity to apply CETOL 6σ on a company-specific assembly model. The recommended assembly model size is 4-10 parts. A non-disclosure agreement should be in place prior to sharing any geometry or related, confidential information.


Students will receive a training manual, training guide, and access to the training files via the Sigmetrix Support Center. Additionally, each student receives (8) hours of engineering time. This time is utilized in two ways: 1) review training material content and 2) analyze a customer model.


  • The CETOL 6σ Interface, Interaction with CAD System, and CETOL Application Options
  • Assembly Modeling including defining requirements, accurate assembly constraints, multiple positions of an assembly, dealing with clearance, and import of CAD assembly constraints
  • Part modeling including application of functional dimensioning with standard and geometric dimension schemes, manufacturing variation, and import capabilities directly from CAD model
  • Model validation using visualization functionality
  • Results interpretation, design optimization, and reporting

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