About Sigmetrix

Sigmetrix designs, develops, markets and globally supports tolerance analysis solutions used to unite the “ideal” world of product design with the “real” world of manufacturing and assembly. With over 25 years of research and development, Sigmetrix is focused on eliminating the error between predictive tolerance models and measured physical results in the factory. Sigmetrix’ advanced analytical solutions and specialized services allow companies in virtually all industries to gain profound insight into the behavior of their products. This insight allows customers to objectively balance competing requirements and achieve exceptional return on their investment.

 In 1999, PTC® selected CETOL 6σ as its preferred tolerance analysis solution. In 2002, Sigmetrix became a Dassault Systèmes Gold Partner providing a fully-integrated version for CATIA® named CETOL 6σ CAA V5-based. In 2008, Sigmetrix finalized the integration and partnership with SOLIDWORKS® and was named to their Solution Partner Program. In 2015 CETOL 6σ was distinguished as a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner Product as well.

Sigmetrix introduced a complete solution that has provided the ability to integrate with three of the leading Mechanical CAD systems, CETOL 6σ for PTC® Creo®, CETOL 6σ for CAA V5 and CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS. And, in 2017 Sigmetrix introduced an all new version, CETOL 6σ for NX.

PTC and Sigmetrix partnered in 2007 to serve the low-end market with a new product named Pro/ENGINEER (now Creo Elements/Pro) Tolerance Analysis Extension powered by CETOL™ Technology (TAE). TAE is a highly-automated, simplified tolerance analysis solution for getting on-demand answers for less complicated problems completely within the Creo Elements/Pro system, just like any other Creo Elements/Pro analysis products. TAE is sold directly by PTC sales channels and re-sold by Sigmetrix.

Sigmetrix introduced GD&T Advisor in 2012 to empower designers to communicate permissible levels of imperfection in real-world manufactured parts, all from within the CAD environment. With GD&T Advisor, increased productivity, improved manufacturing accuracy, and reduced quality costs are a reality. PTC partnered with Sigmetrix to embed GD&T Advisor within PTC Creo 4.0 in 2016, and Autodesk Inventor purchased our GD&T Advisor technology in 2017.

In 2017 Sigmetrix brought EZtol to the market. EZtol is a 1-Dimensional tolerance stackup analysis program designed to assist in understanding the impact of the accumulation of part-level dimensional variation and part-to-part assembly variation sources and the impact that they have on assembly-level requirements. This stand-alone 1D product is for use with files from most major CAD systems and can even provides an indication that the tolerance stackup may not be 1D in nature via a note that the results provided may underestimate the actual variation that will occur during production.

Sigmetrix continues to develop the CETOL 6σ, EZtol, TAE and GD&T Advisor product lines as the premier assembly analysis and tolerance optimization solutions in the world today.

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