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          Deliver Better Products Using Model-Based Variation Simulation With CETOL 6σ

          Sigmetrix’s tolerance analysis software works directly with the data files from the leading CAD solutions to provide comprehensive 3D model-based tolerance analysis.

          Accelerate Tolerance Analysis and Gain Insight Into How Variation from Multiple Sources Impacts the Critical Performance Characteristics of Your Products

          CETOL provides invaluable insights to the impact of part and assembly variation using advanced mathematical solutions, enabling designers and engineers to easily address multi-dimensional problems within their native CAD environment.

          • Achieve a clearer understanding of how your design reacts to real-world variation and proactively fix issues with sensitivity plots and visualization tools that highlight the impact of each source of variation on the design.
          • Contribution plots identify where best to invest in more expensive processes needed to achieve specific product requirements as well as where tolerances may be relaxed to reduce costs by being able to use less expensive manufacturing processes.
          • Optimize designs quickly with models that immediately update to reflect changes to tolerances or statistical distributions via CETOL’s unique mathematical algorithms.
          • Answer pressing technical and business questions during both design and production phases with data presented in customizable, tabular formats.
          • Communicate critical-to-quality tolerances and other business conclusions across the enterprise with comprehensive, customizable reports.
          • Enjoy an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and logical workflow guided by the Advisor to obtain results and improve your designs as efficiently as possible
          • Use the Advisor to quickly identify and correct potential issues with the variation model and gain confidence in the accuracy of the predictive model
          • Get in-system reminders and tips with context-sensitive instructional videos that reinforce how to properly use the tool.
          • Quickly identify each item in the analysis with highlighting in the CAD graphical window when the item is selected.
          • Works directly with your CAD files without data conversion to ensure the analysis results immediately reflect the changes occurring to your designs
          • Easily integrate CETOL data with other systems using open data export and storage formats, such as XML, CSV, and HTML.
          • Utilize standardized variation models for future design iterations to improve analysis efficiency.

          Quickly and Easily Assess the Impact That Tolerances Will Have on a Mechanical Assembly

          Best-in-class companies know that delivering quality products on time and maximizing profit requires precise, efficient tolerance analysis. Here's why they chose Sigmetrix CETOL.

          Round purple icon with chart and up arrow
          Maximize MBD / MBE
          Maximize the return on your MBD / MBE investment.
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          Improve Profitability
          Improve profitability by balancing product quality with manufacturing cost.
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          Achieve Efficiencies
          Achieve faster time to market by reducing design and prototype cycles.
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          Drive Innovation
          Deliver more innovative products through better understanding of mechanical variation.
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          Capture Knowledge
          Capture, transfer, and retain critical product and process knowledge.
          Male engineer works in the foreground on desktop computer with Sigmetrix CETOL tolerance analysis software on screen

          Reduce Rework, Scrap, Prototype Builds, and Engineering Changes

          When you use CETOL for fully integrated 3D tolerance analysis, you reap benefits beyond just the software user—deploy better products, save costs, and increase efficiency across the enterprise

          • Avoid rework by working directly in your CAD files, where design changes are automatically reflected in your tolerance studies without recreating the analyses.
          • Optimize designs quickly without rerunning time-consuming simulation cycles each time an input parameter change.
          • Achieve a better understanding about how your design reacts to real-world variation and identify and resolve potential problem areas before they are found in manufacturing or by your customers.
          • Control costs by starting with tolerances that are the least expensive to manufacture, then have CETOL guide you on where to invest in more expensive processes needed to achieve specific product requirements.
          • Use the Advisor window to see flags for potential issues, and gain confidence that nothing has been overlooked in defining the analysis or dimensional requirements.
          • Assess data in tabular formats and customizable reports and share it across the enterprise for shared understanding.
          • Store and export CETOL data in open data formats to easily integrate it with other engineering analysis or quality systems.
          • Create custom templates of analysis definitions to work more efficiently and dynamically when making adjustments to new designs.
          Build Better Products With CETOL 6σ

          Increase accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings across the enterprise with better tolerance analysis software.

          Our CETOL 6σ Integration and Extension Partners

          Harnessing the power of the premier tolerance analysis software helps the experts on your team maximize cost savings from design to production while realizing the value of your software investments. 

          PTC® Creo®
          Integrating CETOL with the PTC Creo system provides elite product development teams with in-depth evaluations of assembly variation early in the product development life cycle. See the impact changes can have on the overall assembly, improve the viable product assembly designs, and shorten development time.
          The CETOL integration provides a level of design control and system insight previously not available in SOLIDWORKS. With this added insight, your team can develop robust products, maximize product performance, and minimize liability risk related to manufacturing part variation.
          Users of CATIA CAA can visualize design and tolerance changes while in the modeling phase thanks to the CETOL integration. Give product development teams the benefit of the Sigmetrix Gold Software Partner status with Dassault Systemes and enjoy comprehensive training for the solution.
          Siemens NX
          The CETOL for NX Tolerance Analysis software solution enables product development teams to easily and fully understand the often-complex impact of dimensional and assembly variation on their designs. Pinpoint issues and make adjustments in NX with the easiest 3D tolerance analysis integration available.

          See CETOL 6σ in Action

          See why our customers say we offer the easiest tolerance analysis software on the market

          Expert Led CETOL Training

          Sigmetrix offers a variety of training solutions to guarantee each user enjoys the most effective learning environment. Delivery options include on-site with face-to face instruction, virtual instructor-led sessions specific to one company, computer-based training enabling learning as time permits, face-to-face courses at our headquarters open to multiple companies, or virtual instructor-led sessions open to multiple companies. Sigmetrix instructors have many years of real-world experience with variation analysis, functional design approaches, applying geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and product engineering concepts through practical usage in various industries.

          CETOL Consulting

          Sigmetrix offers CETOL customers consulting services including model validation to provide an expert’s review of the models you’ve defined, development of standardized video tutorials serving as a set of instructions along with optional modeling templates that can be applied to a family of similar product designs, product confirmation helping to validate the analysis model with production data, and troubleshooting existing issues occurring in production or in the field. In addition, core modeling consulting is offered to expedite analysis modeling for existing customers of CETOL software.
          "The products of FN Manufacturing Inc. typically experience a long market life cycle. Employing CETOL in conjunction with our [design] database, we can analyze our mature product lines to allow optimization of the existing tolerances."
          Vice President, Engineering
          Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer
          "CETOL provided a list of actionable items from the analysis, giving a direct path to improvement for the turbine covers."
          Electric Generation Distribution Manufacturer
          "The caster part of an operating room bed was having problems. The break system alignment, regardless of tire alignment, is a complex mechanism requiring precise tolerance. CETOL was used to optimize the dimensions and tolerance and improve performance."
          Medical Device Manufacturer

          Read More Tolerance Analysis Resources

          Experts weigh in on mechanical variation management in our array of blog posts.

          Create Efficiencies With CETOL 6σ

          Sigmetrix has 30+ years of experience helping customers adopt, learn, and apply tolerance analysis and GD&T with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use software. Let us help your team work more efficiently.