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          Perform 1D Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis More Efficiently with EZtol

          Sigmetrix’s EZtol enables users to create 1D tolerance stack-ups to analyze the impact of tolerances on assemblies and identify critical contributors to dimensional variation much more quickly than using spreadsheet-based tools.

          Get Detailed Assessments of How Variations Will Affect Assembly Tolerances—Faster and Easier

          Tolerance analyses are most often performed in spreadsheets, where manual calculations can become intricate and prone to error. EZtol streamlines and automates 1D tolerance stack-up analyses, offering specialized calculations and visualizations that provide more detail than manual methods.

          • Provides dedicated tools and features tailored for analyzing tolerance stack-ups, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in calculations.
          • Get detailed assessments of how variations in individual part dimensions affect overall assembly tolerances.
          • Calculate worst-case, RSS, and general statistical analyses with popular quality metrics, reported as Cpk, Sigma, DPMO, or % yield.
          • Define multiple 1D tolerance analyses based directly on your CAD models
          • Generate a concise summary table that outlines the specific objectives and corresponding results for each individual stack-up analysis conducted, organized in a clear format, allowing users to quickly assess whether the set requirements have been met.
          • Get verification of compliance with design specifications and standards, reducing the likelihood of costly errors in manufacturing.
          • See graphical representations of tolerance stack-ups, making it easier to visualize how variations in dimensions affect the overall assembly.
          • Generate clear visualizations of tolerance stack-ups and highlight critical areas that need attention, aiding in quick decision-making and problem-solving.
          • Use an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly create and analyze tolerance stack-ups without a steep learning curve.
          • Algorithms incorporated into the tool evaluate the 3D relationships of the part features included in the stack-up to determine and alert the user when 3D effects likely result in more variation than what is being predicted with the 1D assumption of the analyses

          Industry Leaders Rely on EZtol to Uncover Multidimensional Intricacies

          Our revolutionary tolerance stack-up solution alleviates the limitations of 1D spreadsheets, revealing the hidden complexities within 3D assemblies.

          Purple icon with magnifying glass and gears
          Comprehensive Analysis
          EZtol offers 1D tolerance stack-up analysis, providing a more thorough understanding of how variations in multiple dimensions impact overall assembly performance, reducing the risk of production issues.
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          Streamlined Calculations
          By integrating with CAD models, EZtol automates data extraction, ensuring accuracy and reducing manual errors in calculations. This streamlines the tolerance analysis process, saving time and enhancing precision in assessing assembly tolerances.
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          Visual Insights and Warnings
          EZtol offers visual representations of tolerance stack-ups, warning of critical areas and potential 3D effects that might be overlooked in traditional analyses. This helps engineers and designers identify areas of concern and make informed decisions to mitigate production variation risks.
          Two male engineerings having a conversation with desktop computer with Sigmetrix EZtol software in foreground

          Streamlined 1D Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis

          EZtol is designed for engineers to perform 1D tolerance stack-up analyses efficiently—but that’s not all. EZtol doesn't just streamline workflows; it revolutionizes them, significantly reducing manufacturing costs and minimizing rework by ensuring parts align flawlessly.

          • Eliminates the need for manual setup of formulas and calculations, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.
          • Goes beyond simple 1D analyses, warning users of potential oversights in stack-up calculations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of 3D effects that may impact production variations.
          • Stores dimensions and their associated tolerances for each individual part within the software, eliminating the need for users to repeatedly input these dimensions and tolerances whenever performing multiple stack-up analyses on the same design, saving time and minimizing errors.
          • When users modify a tolerance value used in multiple analyses, EZtol automatically updates them all with the revised tolerance, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the design process without the user having to manually adjust each individual analysis.
          • Designed to function as a standalone application, allowing users to import and work with CAD models without needing access to the CAD software itself.
          Uncover the Full Story of Your Designs

          Ready to address the limitations of 1D stack-ups analyses in spreadsheets? Get a comprehensive analysis of mechanical variation before production. 

          Save Time and Reduce Errors by Working Directly with CAD

          EZtol works with various CAD software, including popular platforms like CATIA®, SOLIDWORKS, and Siemens NX. These integrations allow for seamless data transfer and collaboration, enhancing the overall design and analysis process for engineers and designers.

          Sigmetrix offers a dedicated interface that allows engineers and designers to import CATIA models directly into the EZtol environment. Engineers can define tolerances, run analyses, and verify the dimensional variations of their designs using EZtol's tools, all while leveraging the CATIA model as the basis for their analysis.
          EZtol allows users to open SOLIDWORKS models directly to ensure that the 3D geometry of the assembly is accurately represented for subsequent tolerance analysis. EZtol also supports reading PMI for SOLIDWORKS CAD models, meaning part files can be utilized in the tolerance stack-up analysis.
          Siemens NX
          Users can open NX models directly into the EZtol environment, facilitating tolerance stack-up analyses and comprehensive studies on NX assemblies within the EZtol software. This ensures a smooth and collaborative approach to tolerance analysis, leveraging the capabilities of Siemens NX and EZtol to streamline the design process.

          See EZtol in Action

          Discover the fast, easy way to perform comprehensive 1D stack-up analyses 

          Comprehensive Tolerance-Based Training

          We offer a range of tolerance-based training programs designed to enhance engineers' proficiency in tolerance analysis. These hands-on or online training sessions typically cover fundamental concepts of tolerance analysis, advanced tolerancing strategies, and practical applications using software tools like EZtol.

          Product-Based Training

          Explore comprehensive product-based training for our software solutions like EZtol. Our product training includes sessions focused on the functionalities, features, and capabilities of our tolerance analysis and GD&T software. Engineers and designers can learn how to effectively use EZtol for tolerance analysis, 1D and 3D stack-up studies, and integrating it seamlessly with various CAD platforms.
          “We chose Sigmetrix because of their subject expertise and long history of successful mechanical engineering products.”
          Automotive Parts Manufacturer
          "The caster part of an operating room bed was having problems. The break system alignment, regardless of tire alignment, is a complex mechanism requiring precise tolerance. CETOL was used to optimize the dimensions and tolerance and improve performance."
          Medical Device Manufacturer
          "The products of FN Manufacturing Inc. typically experience a long market life cycle. Employing CETOL in conjunction with our [design] database, we can analyze our mature product lines to allow optimization of the existing tolerances."
          Vice President, Engineering
          Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer

          Discover More EZtol and Tolerance Analysis Resources

          Discover how to revolutionize your design process with tolerance analysis, tolerance stack-up, and GD&T resources.

          See How EZtol Can Improve Your Enterprise

          Sigmetrix has 30+ years of experience providing robust solutions for tolerance analysis and mechanical variation management. Our software solutions address complex engineering challenges, with a focus on accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly interfaces.