Tolerance Analysis and GD&T Consulting Services

Tolerance Analysis and GD&T Consulting Services

In addition to a broad range of software and training solutions, Sigmetrix offers consulting services to help our customers understand how variation impacts their designs and how best to document the functional limits of variation using the best language available today – Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T per ASME), or Geometrical Product Specification (GPS per ISO).  We’re dedicated to helping you produce better products for your customers.

Even after 20 years of specializing in this area, we see no shortage of opportunity to help. Over 50% of companies we talk to tell us they do some tolerance analysis, but not enough. Another 25% believe they have good coverage but still experience problems in manufacturing. These statistics translate directly into lost money through excessive costs! Why are so many companies willing to cut into their profits and hence money available to pay their employees more? Most state that they simply don’t have time with their current resources to get the work done before the design must be handed to production. As a result problems that could have been identified and resolved in CAD systems, where corrections are cheap, make their way into manufacturing when parts fail to fit in the assembly and, of course, where they are often quite expensive to fix. And that’s perhaps the “best-case” scenario. If the problem isn’t identified and resolved before the product gets to your customers, then the costs of corrective action, often including product recalls, eclipse the cost of what it would have taken to identify and resolve the issue earlier.

Why use Tolerance Analysis and GD&T Consulting Services from Sigmetrix?

Sigmetrix’s Tolerance Analysis and GD&T Consulting Services are led by our senior application engineers with over 50 years of experience in a wide range of industries. They specialize in understanding the sources of variation and the application of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances (GD&T) to achieve the functional requirements of an assembly. Not using or partially using GD&T?  No problem. Sigmetrix will evaluate drawings for completeness and make recommendations to improve the accuracy of the drawing and assembly analysis. We can help you solve specific problems, or we can help you to identify and develop best practices. Whether it’s our Tolerance Analysis Consulting Services or our GD&T Consulting Services, we can help you.

Our application engineers will work with you to:

  • Accelerate use and extend your initial training through on-the-spot expert support
  • Provide temporary tolerance analysis expertise to help meet a critical deadline
  • Assist your design team with highly complex design analysis problems
  • Create an environment-specific tolerance analysis and GD&T implementation strategy
  • Evaluate drawings or models for compliance to GD&T standard
  • Support your product team with a functional GD&T evaluation, relating GD&T to the product requirements

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