Integration & Best Practices Consulting for Geometric Tolerancing Software

Integration Consulting for Geometric Tolerancing Software is the most advanced form of implementation consultation for CETOL 6σ and GD&T Advisor installations.  There are four key areas:

Integration Geometric Tolerancing Software

Integration Consulting is a program designed to assist  managers in defining “WHO-WHAT-WHEN-HOW-WHY”.  The scope of this definition can be confined to the Design Engineering community, or it can involve the entire Product Development Process, from R&D through Manufacturing.  The program focuses on a strategic product  selected by the customer.  Instead of conventional tools for variation analysis and GD&T creation, Sigmetrix works with customer engineers to apply CETOL 6 Sigma and the GD&T Advisor within the customer’s Product Development Process.  Tolerance analysis results are used to identify critical part features, which serve as input into GD&T definition.  Optimal workflow and best practices are defined including data management of tolerance analyses and downstream utilization of CETOL 6 Sigma and GD&T Advisor information.  The program concludes with an understanding of key benefits and value improvements resulting from the implementation of these software solutions.

Timeline for our most effective Geometric Tolerancing Software implementation:

  • Client chooses to have consultation virtually or on-site
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement is established, guidelines & procedures agreement
  • Overview of Product Development Process is presented by customer
  • Product is selected for review; review product requirements and assembly process
  • CETOL 6σ Analyses conducted for 2 or more requirements
  • Critical-To-Quality (Function) features determined
  • Modeling “Cookbook” Guide is written specifically for client
  • GD&T Advisor applied to workplace environment
  • Functional GD&T Assessment performed against current drawings
  • Software workflow defined, roles, rights and responsibilities integrated withing existing workflows
  • Best practices documented including  analysis modeling, data management guidelines, and reporting standards
  • Value, ROI, & sustainability reporting established
  • Continued Helpdesk and Software Support (depending on client specified options)

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